How to sell digital projects to your boss

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Tips on visualising problems and selling the need for digital improvements to your boss in a way that allows them to sell it to their boss. A presentation to local government digital crew from around New Zealand at the ALGIM 2014 conference in Auckland.


<ul><li> How to Sell Digital Projects to your Boss Visualising the way we work @starrjulie and everyone else you work with </li> <li> New Plymouth, New Zealand, February 2014 </li> <li> Got a parking ticket </li> <li> A Reconstruction Paying my parking ticket online </li> <li> CLICK I started with a search engine </li> <li> I scrolled down the home page </li> <li> CLICK </li> <li> CLICK I see parking tickets. That looks promising. </li> <li> Huh? It takes me a while to realise Ive landed on the same page </li> <li> I notice a helpful looking image so I scroll for more </li> <li> I see Parking Ticket. Yes! CLICK </li> <li> Really? I have to promise not to break the system. Gosh. </li> <li> Jump to the left A new window opens. </li> <li> Oh Here! Please use the ticket number.? </li> <li> Maybe Ill try Erm? I typed it in wrong. Now what do I do? </li> <li> What? No!!! Cant use back button because Im in a new window again. </li> <li> So I start at the beginning </li> <li> 16Steps! before I get anywhere near entering my credit card details </li> <li> Sigh </li> <li> We want to make life better for users </li> <li> Do what weve always done, but put it online too Online = Some people think </li> <li> Do what weve always done, but throw it in an app Mobile = Some people think </li> <li> Those people are wrong </li> <li> Process for Sharing Council Minutes (for a long time) </li> <li> Put the PDF online Process for Sharing Council Minutes (now) </li> <li> PDF? Really? Does process give users what they want? No. </li> <li> This is what a PDF looks like at readable size on a mobile phone. 22 pages of this?Accessible? NO! </li> <li> PDFs are where information goes to die </li> <li> free! Set the information </li> <li> Responsive design wont fix this problem. Its a process problem. </li> <li> We cant do what weve always done and just put it online at the end </li> <li> It doesnt work. </li> <li> The Daily Telegraph London | 2006 Print team Web team </li> <li> We needed to publish way more on our website </li> <li> But we couldnt afford to hire another 100 people </li> <li> We had to look at the way we did things </li> <li> The Daily Telegraph London | 2007 Integrated Web-and-Print Newsroom </li> <li> A few things I learned about selling digital </li> <li> Get serious </li> <li> If you want people to take Digital seriously, you have to elevate the status of Digital in the organisation </li> <li> Put the Head of Digital at the top of the org chart </li> <li> Everyone should talk to Digital before they start any project anywhere </li> <li> Intervene here Dont just take what youre given here &amp; throw it online Output XML </li> <li> Clout You need </li> <li> Steal people who get it and put them on the web team </li> <li> Hire people who already know what theyre doing. </li> <li> Dont drownBreak it down </li> <li> You have a world of problems to solve </li> <li> Start </li> <li> Improve something today + keep working on the big fix </li> <li> We can simplify this process without going near the transaction engine </li> <li> 1. Remove anchors, tighten text and let people scroll to those helpful images. 2. Link directly to parking ticket payment page. 3. Make ticket number entry box bigger and move up page. 4. If must have T&amp;Cs put tick box here: By using this service you agree to our T&amp;Cs. Suggestion </li> <li> Example of a simple but effective widget added to a page (not a big budget thing at all) s/environment-and- waste/rubbish-and-recycling </li> <li> Visualise it Build, sketch, map Seeing is believing </li> <li> Weve been using pictures to communicate for a long time. It works. </li> <li> We show videos of struggling people to managers way more effective in getting them to understand. Ruth Brown, Head of User Experience, TradeMe, ALGIM 2014 </li> <li> Problem Newspaper people didnt see why the web should affect their daily routine </li> <li> Really simplified overview of a day in the newsroom (for a long, long time) </li> <li> Copy &amp; paste/ import into website, autopublish at 5am </li> <li> what are people reading at 8am, 12pm, 5pm? If stories are filed at 6pm Does process give readers what they want? No. </li> <li> + Earlier start + Earlier conference + Better planning + Stories filed during day + Talk to Digital FIRST not last We started changing the way we did things. (Still a long way to go.) </li> <li> Problem Skilled designers spent hours each day assembling the puzzles page </li> <li> Draw it &amp; boss immediately understands how convoluted the process is </li> <li> Problem We got stuck on the differences between web and print publishing </li> <li> Print Publishing Process (Top Level Snapshot) So we drew the print publishing process </li> <li> Web Publishing Process (Top Level Snapshot) and the web publishing process </li> <li> Combined Web-and-Print Publishing Process (Top Level Snapshot) and put it all together. See it. Build on commonality. Eliminate nonsense. </li> <li> Problem Newspaper people didnt understand what website people were talking about </li> <li> De-mystify. Have workshops. Make posters! Share what you know. </li> <li> Put some numbers around it Make your case more convincing Be Specific </li> <li> Everyones got smartphones so we should totally do something for mobile. </li> <li> Over half of visits to TradeMe are on Mobile and its still growing. - Ruth Brown, Head of User Experience, TradeMe, ALGIM 2014 68% of NZ internet users connected through their mobile phone in the past year 48% through a tablet. - World Internet Project NZ Report 2013 </li> <li> Write for your Audience Relevant Accessible Attention </li> <li> How does this project benefit my boss? </li> <li> want this project Boss is responsible for CUSTOMERS Bosss Job Title Annual Plan </li> <li> Those are your keywords right there </li> <li> How can I help my boss sell this to their boss? </li> <li> Use Plain English Accessibility </li> <li> Were going to mumble scrape mumble backend and parse mumble mumble Hadoop mumble mumble Heartbleed and ruby mumble responsive mumble parallax and SVG mumble html5 </li> <li> Make it easy for customers to pay a bill on their mobile &amp; computer </li> <li> Visuals Numbers Words Great. Now your boss can explain it to their boss </li> <li> One more challenge </li> <li> onepageAll the bosses are busy Attention </li> <li> Get Serious elevate status of Digital Dont drown break it down Visualise it build, sketch, map Put some numbers around it be convincing Write for your audience relevant, Plain English One page hold attention </li> <li> Thanks! www:// @starrjulie </li> </ul>