Introduction to fundraising

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  • Fundraisingfor Nonprofits & Startups

    Yasmine Madkour

  • Whats Fundraising?

  • Who needs FR?

  • Watch your resources!

  • Forms of FR

  • Restricted

  • Un-RestrictedInstitutional

  • Bridge Funding

  • Types of funding resources

    Public Funds / Donations

  • Types of funding resources

    Foundation grants and accelerators

  • Types of funding resources

    Special Events

  • Types of funding resources

    Fees for service

  • Types of funding resources

    Over priced products

  • Types of funding resources


  • Thank You

    Yasmine Madkour,

    Founder and Marketing Director, Doors Inc

    I have been working for 6 years in the marketing field from copy writing to branding and

    marketing communication. In parallel to my work in Marketing, I have been working and

    supporting NGOs, initiatives and voluntary projects (hard to tell names, they are too many) with

    training in various topics:

    Organization Building

    Marketing for NGOs

    Social media for NGOs

    Live on field work management.

    Fundraising through Advertising and Sponsorship

    If you need more information or want to ask a question, dont hesitate to contact