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Pathwaysto happiness for feelingfgood about yourself

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Text of Pathwaysto happiness for feelingfgood about yourself

  • Pathways to Happiness

  • Pathways to Happiness are ways

  • 100= happiest

  • Lets look at one aspect of mental well-being:feeling good about yourselfand self acceptance

  • While our mental well-being are high, overall we do not have a strong sense of self-acceptancea score below 40 means we do not feel feel positive about ourselves, between 40- 60 means we feel indifferently

  • Courageous Policies

  • Child-Friendly City OrdinanceEnsure needs of all children are metChildrens rights awareness & advocacy Impact on children considered in decision making processChild well-being assessment, reporting and budget

  • Resources for child friendly citiesUNICEF Child Friendly Cities website:, Japan child friendly city ordinance adoption process: Child Friendly City Government Checklist and other tools:

  • Care giving education older children learning though care giving to younger childrenK-12 public school education for how to care for babies, children, youth elders & each other integrated into school curriculumlessons include stages of childhood, how to meet needs

  • Care giving education resources Teaching kids to care: 8 Ways to Inspire Compassion by C & M Kielburger: Children To Care and Be More Cooperative by Bright Horizons: Would Mandatory Parenting Classes in Schools be A Good Idea by Marie Anderson: Parenting Classes in High Schools prezi presentation:

  • Whats it going to take?

  • Shift in societal values to caring As individuals, we respect and admire care takers equally with high earning individuals.& fulfilling ones lifes purposeAt a societal level, we value people for who they are and what they do for others over their monetary earnings & wealth

  • Childrens rights protected globally All nations uphold the UN Convention on Rights of Children for all children in all nation and for all imports or exports.Cycles of abuse and neglect are identified and ended.

  • Other policies in the Pathways to Happiness tool seriesCampaign finance reformGuaranteed basic incomeMedia reformMassive public transportationLocal food relianceVillage living (cities and rural)Multi-use zoningPublic spaces Political festivalsParticipatory governanceParticipatory budgetingAnti-corruption policiesTransparency in governmentCompassion training for policeCommunity-based monitoring Sousveillance Vote holiday Vacation laws & Vacation IncentivesFamily & Sick leave lawsFlex time and job share lawsTelecommuting policiesBabies at work policiesIntergenerational careDepartment of NeighborhoodsVolunteer programsMindfulness practice in schoolsSocial justice awareness raising Mental health priority counselingSame Sex Marriage LawsPublic child careAge-friendly citiesLoneliness awareness campaignHeritage ProgramsRural CollegesArts & Culture PolicyLifelong Learning ProgramsWar on Adult illiteracyLow Cost & Tuition Free CollegeCare giving education in public schoolsChild Friendly City Ordinance

  • We envision a world where all beings can thrive. Can you envision it too?

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