What do we do at NeuRA?

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<ol><li> 1. Our vision is to prevent and cure disease and disability of the brain and nervous system through leadership, excellence and innovation in neuroscience research. </li><li> 2. In any one year, over 3 million Australians experience one or more episodes of a major brain disorder. NeuRAs research touches the lives of all Australians, from the very young to the elderly. </li><li> 3. Years of healthy life lost (thousands) In childhood: Autism &gt; Aspergers syndrome &gt; child injury &gt; dyslexia &gt; brain development In adolescence: Schizophrenia &gt; spinal cord injury &gt; depression &gt; binge drinking &gt; bipolar disorder In adulthood: chronic pain &gt; sleep apnoea &gt; depression &gt; muscle fatigue &gt; post-traumatic stress disorder In middle age: respiratory disease &gt; motor neurone disease &gt; stroke rehabilitation &gt; frontotemporal dementia In old age: Alzheimers disease &gt; falls in the elderly &gt; ageing/dementia &gt; balance &gt; Parkinsons disease </li><li> 4. 0 100 200 300 400 500 Other Digestive Diabetes Injury Musculoskeletal Cancer Cardiovascular Chronic Respiratory Brain &amp; Mind Years of healthy life lost (thousands) </li></ol>