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  • 1.Department of Electronics & Communication Mrs. CHANDRAKALA M.EHOD of ECE DeptMANOHAR BABU .N 1BC06EC017

2. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION WHAT IS BLUE BRAIN WHAT IS VIRTUAL BRAIN FUNCTION OF NATURAL BRAIN BRAIN SIMULATION CURRENT RESEARCH WORK ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGE HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT CONCLUSION 3. INTRODUCTION 4. Human brain, the most valuable creation ofGod. The man is called intelligent because of thebrain. But we loss the knowledge of a brain when thebody is destroyed after the death . BLUE BRAIN- The name of the worlds first virtualbrain. That means a machine thatcan function as human brain. Is it really possible to create a human brain? 5. What is BLUE BRAIN 6. YES", The IBM is now developing a virtual brainknown as the BLUE BRAIN. It would be the worlds first virtual brain. Within 30 years, we will be able to scan ourselves into the computers. 7. WHAT IS VIRTUAL BRAIN? 8. A machine that can function as brain It can take decision. It can think. It can response. It can keep things in memory. 9. WHY WE NEED VIRTUALBRAIN 10. To upload contents of the natural brain into it . To keep the intelligence , knowledge and skill ofany person for ever . To remember things without any effort . 11. FUNCTIONING OFBRAIN 12. Sensory Input :-Receiving input such as sound ,image, etcthrough sensory cell .Interpretation:-Interpretation of the received input by the brain bydefining states of neurons in the brain.Motor Output:-Receiving of electric responses from the brain toperform any action . 13. BRAIN SIMULATION 14. NATURAL BRAIN VS SIMULATED BRAIN INPUT Through the silicon chip or artificial neurons INTERPRETATION By a set of bits in the set of register 15. OUTPUT OUTPUT Through the natural Through the silicon chip. neurons. PROCESSING PROCESSING Through arithmetic and Through arithmetic and logical calculationslogical calculation and artificial intelligence MEMORY MEMORY Through permanent Through Secondary states of neurons memory 16. Now there is no question how the virtual brain will work. But the question is how the human brain will be up loaded into it. This is also possible due to the fast growing technology. 17. UPLOADING HUMAN BRAIN 18. The uploading is possible by the use of small robotsknown as the nanobots. These robots are small enough to travel through out ourcirculatory system. Traveling into the spine and brain, they will be able tomonitor the activity and structure of our central nervoussystem. They will be able to provide an interface with computerwhile we still reside in our biological form . 19. Nanobots could also carefully scan the structure of our brain, providing a complete readout of the connection. This information, when entered into a computer, could then continue to function as us. Thus the data stored in the entire brain will be uploaded into the computer. 20. EXAMPLE OF BLUE BRAIN 21. A very good example of utilization of blue brain is thecase "short term memory". In some movies we might have noticed that a personmight be having short term memories. 22. A another situation is that when a person gets older, then he starts forgetting or takes a bit more time to recognize to a person. For the above reason we need a blue brain. It is a simple chip that can be installed into the human brain for which the short term memory and volatile memory at the old age can be avoided. 23. BLUE BRAIN PROJECTOBJECTIVES 24. The project will search for insights into how humanbeings think and remember. Scientists think that blue brain could also help to curethe Parkinsons disease. The brain circuitry is in a complex state of flux, the brainrewiring itself every moment of its existence. If thescientists can crack open the secret of how and why thebrain does it, the knowledge could lead to new breed of supercomputers. 25. RESEARCH WORK 26. IBM developing the Blue brain . IBM, in partnership with scientists at Switzerlands EcolePolytechnique Federal De Lausannes(EPFL) Brain andMind Institute will begin simulating the brainsbiological systems. NEWS: The EPFL Blue Gene was the 8th fastest supercomputer in the world 27. HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIRMENT 28. A Super computer. Memory with a very large storing capacity. Processor with a very high processing power. A very wide network. A program to convert the electric impulses from the brain to input signal, which is to be received by the computer and vice versa. very powerful Nanobots to act as the interface between the natural brain and the computer. 29. ADVANTAGES Remembering things without any effort. Making decision without the presence of a person. Using intelligence of a person after the death . Understanding the activities of animals . Allowing the deaf to hear via direct nerve stimulation. 30. DISADVANTAGES We become dependent upon the computer . Others may use technical knowledge against us. Another fear is found with respect to human cloning. A very costly procedure of regaining the memory back. 31. CONCLUSION We will be able to transfer ourselves into computers at some point. It will bring both benefits and harm to human society . Eventually aim of applying terrific computer power to thesimulation of an entire brain. Very soon this technology will be highly accepted whole over theworld.