7 things you should not do in Night

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  • 7 Things You Shouldn't Do At Night to Avoid

    Dark Circles in the Morning

    Late night study sessions or dancing until the wee hours of the A.M. can cause some

    unsightly patches underneath your eyes. What's worse, they can be a real pain to

    get rid of. That's why prevention is key to fighting raccoon eyes, so here are

    seven things you should never do at night to avoid dark circles. Like, ever.

    Dark circles can be caused by a ton of different factors, from genetics to diet to sleep

    deprivation. The reason? The skin around your eyes is particularly thin, so it's easier

    to damage, and also shows signs of stress quicker than other parts of your face.

    Luckily, you can protect your skin from dark circles by moisturizing the area (read:

    wearing eye cream), using sunscreen religiously, staying hydrated, and eating well.

    But if you do all of these things and you are still waking up with an almost

    permanent shadow underneath your peepers, it could be thanks to your nighttime



  • Before you reach for those expensive creams and prescription medications, consider

    making simple changes to your nighttime routine first. Below are seven common

    things you might be doing before you go to bed that could be the reason you're

    waking up with dark circles.

    1. You Take Hot Baths


    Hot water and steam can worsen your dark, puffy under eyes. Instead of taking a hot

    bath, wash your face with cool water to soothe your skin. Cold water can reduce the

    swelling under your eyes, which is what causes puffy dark circles to appear. Take

    things one step further and use these cooling gels from Skyn Iceland. They infuse the

    under-eye area with things like Icelandic glacial waters and concentrated doses of

    firming ingredients to de-puff and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    2. You Alcohol


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    Too much alcohol dehydrates you, making skin look dull and dry. If you're battling

    under eye circles, skip the nightcap and reach for water or tea instead.

    3. You Smoke


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    As if you needed another reason not to smoke. Smoking will only put more pressure

    on your blood vessels and make your dark eyes worse.

    4. You Skip Sunscreen


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    OK, maybe sunscreen is something for your morning routine, but if you can find a

    moisturizer with sunscreen go for it!

    5. You Chow Down On Salty Snacks


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  • Salt dehydrates, exacerbating the problem. Instead of bringing the corn chips into

    bed with you for a midnight snack, opt for moisture-packed fruits and veggies.

    6. You Forget To Moisturize


    Lack of moisture is the main culprit in most skin problems, so it's important to

    hydrate both internally and externally. You should always remember to moisturize

    your face least twice a day. Consider FATCOs Myrrhaculous Face Oil, which contains a blend of concentrated rich oils and essential oils, all of which have anti-aging and

    healing properties. Win.

    7. You Go To Bed Thirsty


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    Staying hydrated internally is just as important as slathering on moisture, if not more

    so, so remember to drink up before you go to bed! Try sipping on The Beauty Chef's

    Hydration elixir, an organic, bio-fermented and coconut-infused probiotic designed

    to support gut health and enhance your skin from the inside out. Delicious and



    7 Things You Shouldn't Do At Night to Avoid Dark Circles in the Morning1. You Take Hot Bathshttp://www.drugvilla.com/product-listing.php?cateid=women-care2. You Alcohol3. You Smoke4. You Skip Sunscreen5. You Chow Down On Salty Snackshttp://www.drugvilla.com/product-listing.php?cateid=break-fast-cereals6. You Forget To Moisturize7. You Go To Bed Thirsty