9 Reasons Kissing is Good for Your Health

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<ul><li><p>9 Reasons Kissing IsGood for You</p><p>#1</p><p>Oxytocin is a brain chemicalthat is responsible for helpingto create feelings of pleasure,</p><p>intimacy, and bonding.</p><p>Kissing Boosts Oxytocin</p><p>#2</p><p>Bad day at work? Kiss yourmate to help bring your stress</p><p>levels down.</p><p>Kissing Lowers Stress</p><p>#3</p><p>No, really! Of course, a quickpeck won't burn off a big</p><p>dinner, but experts say kissingfor over a minute could burn</p><p>25-plus calories.</p><p>Kissing Burns Calories</p><p>Kissing Helps You Choosethe Right PartnerWhen we kiss, we do more than just kiss. Weexchange vital physiological information viasaliva, including information related to ourmajor histocompatibility complex (MHC).</p><p>#4</p><p>#5</p><p>Kissing Helps Fight theCommon ColdMany people think that kissing can be an unhealthyhabit, especially if you kiss someone while sick.However, if you are both healthy and well, kissingcan actually help to boost your immune system.</p><p>Kissing Helps You Live LongerA study from University College London collectedresearch that found that men who kiss their wivesgood-bye were less likely to get into a car accidenton the way to work. Just another reason not to rushout the door without a good-bye kiss!</p><p>#6</p><p>#7</p><p>Some people go to the plasticsurgeon to get a tight,</p><p>youthful-looking face; but ifyou want a fun, nonsurgicalway to keep your face from</p><p>sagging, try kissing more.</p><p>Kissing Helps You LookYounger</p><p>#8</p><p>When you kiss your mate, youbegin to awaken your sexual</p><p>response.</p><p>Kissing Creates Desire</p><p>#9</p><p>A 2011 study from the KinseyInstitute in Bloomington, Indiana,found that kissing, cuddling, and</p><p>other forms of affection wereimportant predictors forrelationship satisfaction.</p><p>Kissing Keeps Your MarriageStrong</p><p>Presented by www.EraseRepair.com</p><p>Sources:</p><p>https://pixabay.com</p><p>http://www.everydayhealth.com/sexual-health-pictures/dr-laura-berman-reasons-kissing-is-good-for-you.aspx</p></li></ul>