A Fun Kids Health Program

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Fly Movement is a fun and effective kids health program that takes place in your child's classroom at school. Presentation includes: - Health benefits of children being more active - What is Fly Movement (Fitness Lifestyles for Youths) - Team Introduction - Case Studies - Next Move - FAQs

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  • 1. A Fun & Effective Program that takes place in your childsclassroom at school.Founders:Eric MelchorEvelyn ShuErnesto Saldivar

2. Agenda Benefits of Children being more Active What is Fly Movement (Fitness Lifestyles for Youths) Team Introduction Case Studies Next Move FAQs 3. What are the Benefits of Playing?Examples of Benefits & Skillsdeveloped while children arehaving fun playing: Longer attention spans IQ Growth Stronger Social Interactions Healthy Habits for Life Lower the risk of becoming obese Reduce risk for long-term chronichealth conditions like asthma, heartdisease and diabetes Improved academicsSources: http://blog.zamzee.com/2013/10/23/the-importance-of-the-playground-recent-research 4. What isFlyMovement?A Movement to combat childhood obesity& increase student academic performance.The concept is simple: two 3rd grade classes voluntarilywear fitness bands for a period of time. The class thatscores the most points (fitness moves) wins a prize. 5. Why do this? Why allow kids tovoluntarily wear fitness bands?This is a simple wellness solution(disguised as a competition)All kids like gamesKids like adults, like challengesThis initiative could help improve testscoresResearch shows that higher physicalactivity improves academics 6. What is a Fitness Band?A fitness band records moves, steps, and milesusing a 3D accelerometer.The band stores this data until plugged into acomputer via USB. Data is downloaded in seconds. Moreover, kids love wearing these bands. 7. Fitness activity is Recorded in a Dashboardthat can be accessed via the Web 8. Positive Feedback from TeachersNatalie Sanchez Meador Elementary 9. Why 3rd Grade? In Grade 3, students begin to learn the healthbenefits of physical activity (According to TexasEssential Knowledge and Skills for Physical Education:http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter116/) If a child is overweight from the ages of 8-10, there isan 80% chance he or she will be overweight as anadult 10. Team IntroductionEric MelchorAdjunct Professor UHD, Board ofDirectors for Midtown Mgmt. District andHouston Hispanic Forum,Director Frontier UtilitiesEmail: Eric.Melchor@Fly-Movement.comEvelyn ShuSpin Instructor LA FitnessAFAA Group Exercise InstructorCross Fit Level 1 Trainer, SettlementsAnalyst Direct EnergyEmail: Evelyn.Shu@Fly-Movement.comErnesto SaldivarMarket Researcher Industrial InfoResourcesUniversity of Houston-Downtownstudent; class of 2014Email: Ernesto.Saldivar@Fly-Movement.com 11. Personal Contribution Eric, Evelyn & ErnestoWe dont intend to just watch from the sidelines, but rathercontribute to the success of this initiative first-hand. 12. How it works 13. Next MOVEIf we want win the battle against obesity, now is the time toact! Together, we can be a part of this groundbreakinginitiative. Now is the time to take a leading role in healthylifestyle achievement, which will not only improve kidshealth, but help them develop longer attention spans,grow their IQ, and help improve their test scores.Contact us to implement FLY Movement in your school.Eric Melchor - 832-594-8741 Eric.Melchor@Fly-Movement.comEvelyn Shu Evelyn.Shu@Fly-Movement.comErnesto Saldivar Ernestor.Saldivar@Fly-Movement.com 14. Case Studies Students will track movements with MOVchallenge -http://www.hudsonhubtimes.com/news%20local/2013/04/24/students-will-track-movements-with-movchallenge Chagrin Falls students walk 187,364 miles over three weeks- http://www.cleveland.com/chagrin-falls/index.ssf/2011/11/chagrin_falls_students_walk_18.html The Importance of the Playground: recent research -http://blog.zamzee.com/2013/10/23/the-importance-of-the-playground-recent-research/ Teens Blame Michelle Obama for Their Nasty Tater Tot-Free Lunches http://news.yahoo.com/teens-blame-michelle-obama-nasty-tater-tot-free-130850939.html 15. FAQs (Provided in Word Document) What is a fitness band? Does a student have to participate in the class competition? Will a student have to weigh themselves or step onto a scale? What are some examples of the prizes the students may win? What information is required to register each student? Can a PE Instructor or Teacher performthe registration for each student? Will students be responsible for connecting the fitness band to a computer to upload data? Will the students have to install any programs on their personal computer? How often does data need to be transferred? How long is the battery life of each band? How often does a fitness band need to be rechargedand how is it recharged? How are movements tracked? (how are points earned) Can a student or parent log into a program (website) to view their activity? Will the other class be able to view the opposing class activity? If a student loses or breaks their fitness band, will it be replaced? Are the bands waterproof? Will the bands be the property of the school, the students? Will enthusiasm for the FLY Movement be shared via Facebook, Email and other channels? Will the activity of each students be stored, shared, or displayed in any way? Can one computer be used to upload all the data? (tailored platform) Why 3rd Grade and what do the Teachers & Administrators have to do to incorporate this intochildrens learning? Do the parents have any responsibilities? How will the data from the fitness bands be incorporated into learning?