Anatomy of the eye

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  • 1.THE EYE

2. HOW DO WE SEE? By a series of steps involving the structures of the eye and the brain 3. WHAT IS THE NUMBER ON MOST IMPORTANT THING WE NEED IN ORDER TO SEE? The brain Yes The Eye Sure, obvious How about LIGHT! Thats kind of important Without light there would be no sight!!! 4. WHAT ARE THE PARTS OF THE EYE? 5. CORNEA Transparent front surface of the eye Protects the inside of the eye Acts as a windshield 6. IRIS Colored muscular structure that contracts and expands to control the amount of light that enters the eye. Surround the pupil. 7. PUPIL A HOLE! That lets light in. 8. LENS Behind the pupil lens that perfects the image by refracting the light What shape is it? Convex 9. RETINA Layer of cells along the inside lining of the eye Contains the Rod and Cone cells RODS see dim or bright light, only black and white CONES see color in three different bands 10. MORE ABOUT CONES 11. OPTIC NERVE Sends an electrical impulse to the brain transmitting the image to the brain. Brian turns it right side up and recognizes the image. 12. BLIND SPOT We all have one! There are no rod or cone cells where the optic nerve connects to the retina. This causes us to have a spot in each eye where we cannot take information or See. 13. HOW WOULD I CORRECT MY VISION Use a variety of concave and convex lenses called glasses or contacts. 14. NOW THAT WE KNOW WHAT PARTS THERE ARE. Lets find out where they are in the eye!