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  • 1. FEATURESApplying Neuropsychological Principle IntoStrategic Marketing StrategySELF CENTEREDCONTRASTTANGIBLE INPUTOPENING AND FINALESVISUALEMOTIONBy Dr Leow Chee Seng,Certified Professional Marketer (Asia)Council member of Institute of Marketing MalaysiaWe are exposed to more than thousands of sales However, in marketing, I would describe the brain asmessages daily. Each message tends to prove the new brain that processes rational data, the middleto us their product innovation and variousbrain that feels in order to process emotions and gutdifferentiations in order to win the market. The strate-feelings and finally the old brain that decides bygic advantage marketing strategies are applied in taking account the input from the other two brains. Asdifferent products. Hence, selling in fact is becominga successful marketing, we have to learn how speaktougher than ever.the new language to motivate and inspire our oldbrain.Now, consumer behaviourists discover that there is aneed to learn what neuroscience has uncovered thatThere are six stimuli that speak to the old brain thatwill immediately increase your selling and create would be able to do decision. First principle is self-purchase behaviour. centered. Our old brain is responsive to anythingpertaining to self. You should focus 100% of your mes-Marketing through neuropsychological principlesage as a seller on your audient, not on you. Remem-focuses on the highly effective techniques to help youber, your audience must hear what you can do fordeliver powerful, unique, and memorable presenta- them before they will pay kind of attention to you.tions that will have a major, lasting impact on poten-The Six Stimulustial buyers.The second stimuli to your old brain include showingWith applying neuropsychological principle market-to the old brain the contrast such as before/after,ing strategy, we pressed the buy buttons and rapidlyrisky/safe, with/without or slow/fast. In general, thedeliver convincing sales presentations, shorten yourgreater the effect of contrast, the higher chance itsales cycle, close more deals, create effective market- triggers a strategy and radically improve your ability to influ-enced others. As the result, you are able to boost your Old brain needs tangible input. Remember, our brainrevenue and profits.always scan for what is familiar and friendly, concreteand immutable and recognization. When designingAccording to neuroanatomy, brain lies in the cranialprospectus or writing up, avoid using a flexible solu-cavity and is continuous with the spinal cord. Thetion, an integrated approach or scalable architec-brain is conventionally divided into three majorture. You may improve the writing up my writing,division cerebellum, cerebrum and midbrain. more money, unbreakable or even reusable!30

2. FEATURES-looks what is in between. Such a short attention spanhas huge implications on how you as a seller coulddeliver your message. Hence, when a marketer is doinga presentation, they must place the most importantcontent at the beginning and it is repeated at the end.points.Our old brain is visual. Our brain responses to visualforty times faster than the auditory stimulus. However,human cannot rely on the speed at which the newbrain processes information, we are hardwired tomake decisions that are mostly based on visual input.By visual stimuli, you ensure that you tap into theprocessing bias that the brain has developed overthousands of years.Our decision is triggered by emotion. Emotion createselectrochemical responses in our brains. These reac-tions directly impact the way we process and memo-rize information. If the customers cannot easilyremember your message, how can you expect them tochoose your product?Remember the six stimuli are universal and thus aresales does well to develop his or her recipe for successwith these key ingredients in mind.31