Colonoscopy Procedure

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Colonoscopy Procedure

Colonoscopy ProcedureDeborah Kramer-SmithCOMS 1010 CIA #4

Why Have A Colonoscopy?Screen for colon cancerInvestigate abdominal pain, rectal bleedingInvestigate chronic constipation/diarrhea

Preparing for a ColonoscopyPatient performs effective bowel cleansingLiquid diet 1 2 days before procedureTemporarily stop taking blood-thinnersLaxatives to clean out bowel

What Happens during a Colonoscopy?Patient administered intravenous sedationColonoscope maneuvered through colonPolyps removed if locatedPatient to recovery after procedureProcedure takes 30 minutes

After The ProcedureUsually in recovery for 30 minutesPatient discusses findings with doctorMay have follow-up appointmentDriver to take patient homeMay continue normal diet, medications

Benefits of ColonoscopyCan detect colon cancerPolyps removed before colon cancer develops

Recommended FrequencyMen and Woman at age 50Repeated at 10 year intervalsMore frequent if other risk factors presentFamily history, IBS