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  • 1. Digi-Pack and Poster
    By Liam Gettings

2. Front Cover

  • As our song is about drug abuse in particular LSD I decided that my should show the effects of taking LSD in this case hallucinating an seeing colours. I asked Amy to stand in this way because it makes the audience think something is chasing her by someone or that she is just being paranoid which is making her believe she is being chased by something. Paranoia is another effect of LSD.

3. I used Photoshop to give this cartoon effect. I used the posterize tool to give Amys skin a waving effect. The waving skin creates the image of her skin crawling or it could just another hallucination. I also used the gradient tool on Amy and the background. I added colour to Amys body because I wanted her to think that she in some was hallucinating about being the only one in colour and that she was draining the colour from everything else. I used these techniques on all my pictures.