Do You Know The Common Triggers For Asthma Attacks_ Learn Them Here!

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  1. 1. Do You Know The Common Triggers For Asthma Attacks? LearnThem Here!Each asthmatic does not share the same symptoms or triggers for attacks. Everyone has to take thetime to learn the different causes for attacks so as to decrease the frequency of them. Use theinformation below to get an idea of what may be causing your asthma attacks.Most commonly are dust mites. They are found everywhere and can be difficult to eliminate. Cleaningyour home frequently is the best way to stay in control of the dust in your home. Be sure to use acleaning product and not just a dry cloth to dust to avoid kicking it all up into the air.Mold spores can show up just about anywhere that there is moisture. This includes places in thehome like the basement, bathrooms and kitchen. Be sure that you eliminate the mold as soon as younotice it to be sure it does not continue to grow.Animal dander is likely the most controllable in the home. If you know that you are seriously affectedby pet dander, do not allow any pets in the home. If you must have a pet, be sure to keep up withcleaning the pet and the home.Tobacco smoke is obvious to many asthmatics to avoid. Some asthmatics do not realize that it couldcause them so much trouble. Avoid any situations that could expose you to tobacco smoke of anykind.Household chemicals can cause an attack for many asthmatics. Unfortunately, many asthmatics donot realize this until they are suffering from an attack as they are trying to clean their home. If youmust use strong cleaning chemicals, such as bleach, be sure to wear gloves and a mask andventilate the room as best you can.Strenuous physical activities could cause an attack quickly. This includes exercise, yard work or anyother activity that causes you to lose your breath or strain. If you are taking part in these activities andbegin to feel your chest tighten or you lose your breath, stop immediately and allow your body to
  2. 2. recover.Hairspray, cologne, spray deodorant and perfumes could trigger some asthmatics attacks. This is oneof the less common triggers, but be aware that there is a chance that it could cause you to have anattack.Cold, dry weather could be another reason for attacks. If you experience any symptoms of an attackwhile out in the weather, get in out of the elements. You can control the attacks in this weather bykeeping your mouth and nose covered by a scarf.Cold and flu season can be deadly for asthmatics. You must be sure to get vaccinations against theinfluenza virus. If you show any symptoms of these illnesses, contact your doctor immediately.Medications, such as aspirin and ibuprofen can cause you to have an asthma attack. If you need totake a medication for pain or fever, opt for a safer form of medication like acetaminophen.Once you establish your list of triggers, you can prevent more of your asthma attacks. Prevention willhelp the way that you live your life as an asthmatic.For more help click here


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