Easy Ways To Eat Healthy

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Too many of us dine out too much, go for fast food, or buy fully prepared heat & serve processed meals. An estimated 1/3 of us don't know how to cook anymore. Seriously? How do people survive that way? I'm here to tell you that preparing and cooking real food at home doesn't have to be hard, even if you have a busy schedule. It does take a bit of planning. But once you've got the hang of it, it isn't that hard! Here are some common sense suggestions to help you make that transition to real food.

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  • 1. HEALTHY MEALS FOR BUSY PEOPLE Barbara McNeely Natural Health Coach & Headache Decoder Tuesday, October 15, 13

2. What To Eat? Good Quality Protein Fewer Simple Carbs More Complex Carbs Omega-3 Fatty AcidsTuesday, October 15, 13 3. Good Quality Protein Grass-fed beef & pork Pastured chickens & eggs Nuts BeansTuesday, October 15, 13 4. Fewer Simple Carbs Avoid These:Sugar in all its forms Candy, corn syrup, honey White our White rice Potatoes without the skinTuesday, October 15, 13 5. More Complex Carbs Vegetables Fruits Legumes Whole GrainsTuesday, October 15, 13 6. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Smaller Fish are lower in Mercury. The higher up the food chain, the more mercury. sardines, clam, tilapia, haddock, ounder, squid, salmon, oysters, crab, scallops, sole, trout, shrimp, catsh, crawsh, and anchoviesTuesday, October 15, 13 7. Omega-3 Fatty AcidsWalnuts and Brazil nuts Olive Oil Flax seedTuesday, October 15, 13 8. But Im too Busy to Do This! Tuesday, October 15, 13 9. Nope, Nope, Nope! Not true! Tuesday, October 15, 13 10. Plan Ahead! Tuesday, October 15, 13 11. Know Your Ingredients Avoid Processed Foods Prepare Meals At HomeTuesday, October 15, 13 12. Know Your IngredientsRead labels & ingredient lists Rule: No more than 5 ingredients Rule: No ingredients you dont knowTuesday, October 15, 13 13. Avoid Processed FoodsOften contain dyes, GMOs, and hidden sugars Includes fast foods - source of dyes, GMOs and hidden sugarsTuesday, October 15, 13 14. Prepare Meals at HomeKeep it simple Plan ahead Carve out time to prepare basicsTuesday, October 15, 13 15. Weekend (or your day off) Shop Cook grains, beans, lentils Cook up some proteins - chicken, pork tenderloin, etc. Roast veggies on a baking sheet Use these throughout the weekTuesday, October 15, 13 16. During The Week Mix & Match Stew - beans, meat, tomato & spices Salad w/ sliced chicken Pasta Sauce - veggies, canned tomatoes & garlic Create your ownTuesday, October 15, 13 17. On The GoSalad - veggies, lentils, chicken breast Burrito - pork, rice, beans Make-ahead snacksTuesday, October 15, 13 18. Cooking and the kitchen are the best health trend you can possibly embrace. It may take a bit of planning, and a some time. But you will save money and improve your health. The rst step: When you go to the grocery store, plan to shop for food, not products. With practice, it will get easier.Tuesday, October 15, 13 19. Barbara McNeely Natural Health Coach & Headache Decoder http:/MariposaNaturals.com 210.383.5842 Barbara@MariposaNaturals.com 2013 - Mariposa Naturals LLCTuesday, October 15, 13