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  1. 1. The New XCity-PRASINOS Introduction to Prasinos Prasinos is a city built on the east side of Malaysia which is Pahang and the city is located in the center of Taman Negara. The city is a small size city which is 35.17km2 and the is city is very near to the Gunung Tahan. Prasinos is a new green city and it mainly design for those citizen that love the nature. Eco-tourism will be the theme of the city. Prasinos will have busting economic activity and it providing its citizen and the country a certain amount of income. The aim of the city is to function as commercial,education and tourism hub. Prasinos promises healthy sustainable living, a new clean and green environment, efficient transport and economic growth to its citizens. Prasinos is a city which is in square shape.As we can see that the location have high ground and low ground the high ground is untouched zone and it will becomes a forest reserve area.The estimated population of Prasinos is around 100,000-250,000 people. The word Prasinos is from Greek which means green.This name that created is indicated that the city will mainly focus on green and nature live style.The Prasinos will divide into two parts which is high ground and low ground.The high ground will be untouched and it will create as forest conserve area and theme park.The lower ground will be divide into 4 layer due to the concept of tropical rainforest in Malaysia .
  2. 2. Why I created this city in Malaysia? Job BUILDINGS The population of Malaysia is booming and keep increasing from day to day.As Malaysiais a small country ,the is not much land available for new development and create more living space unless we keep on chop down our precious rainforest. Malaysia is a beautiful country that rich in natural resources hence we should use it wisely by not destroyed them instead of leaving it. As a nutshell ,the most logical solution to use our rich natural resources is by creating a city in the forest so that tourist and citizen can enjoy the natural and release their pressure in the natural. A complete city should include some job opportunities so that citizen income and the economy system of the city will be stable .Hence here is the example of industry area I will created for the citizen: 1) Tourism I ndust r y 2) I ndustrial I ndustry 3) Agricultural Industry 4) Education Industry
  3. 3. SKY scraper Buildings are the important basic to build up a city.A complete city should include different kind of facilities so that the city can be move on smoothly.Here are the buildings that I include in my city: 1) Government buildings ,law and admistration 2) School and University 3) Solar panels ,Technology hub ,Wind harvesting 4) Agriculture ,Product processing ,Waste management ,Fertiliser production ,Biomass production , Recycling centre, Solar panels, Wind harvesting 5) Religious centre ,Food Court, Residential Buildings, Entertainment places, Walkways 6) Green forest, Green garden, Sports & recreation, Theme park, Culture activities Port , Site of exchange of materials , Shopping malls
  4. 4. Residential area Every good city will have a significant tower which called as sky scraper. For example, our mother country Malaysia have KLCC Twin tower which is the significant tower of this country. So this is the design of sky scraper of my city. The design shape is looks like a flower and this shows the nature theme of my city. This sky scraper is used as government buildings, law and administration center. On the top of the roof had set up solar panel to absorb the sunlight and convert it into electrical energy for the building .This building will placed at the highest ground of the city so that it can absorb the maximum sunlight.
  5. 5. Every city have its own resident and every own resident have its own residential area.From the research of modern city,most of their building are schematic and standard shape to indicate that there are same type of building in their city.Hence,in my city I design all the trees on the top of the tree which called it as tree house but the houses that build is in modern way so that resident can enjoy modern lifestyle in nature.
  6. 6. Eco Tourism ESCAPE theme park ESCAPE is PRASINOS new genre of theme playground with interesting trips and tasks for everyone. ESCAPE is expected to become a world-class convenience and tourism destination that promotes a recognition of nature in an enjoyable and captivating manner. One more significant attraction is the Tubby Racer, where you could toss on your own down a hill in a sizable rubber tyre. Other popular tourist attractions are the bungee leap system, Atans Leap, as well as the Gecko Tower, where you can pit yourself against the clock, and other competitors, to transport on yourown to the best of the tower as soon as possible. Entrance fee is 60 ringgit for grownups and 45 ringgit for under-12s and over-60s. Three to four hrs would be sufficient to obtain your moneys well worth, although if you wish to think about some leisure time and rent among the cabanas, or if you simply want to take your time and let the children run around a part, then you might effortlessly spend the day right here. Official Escape Website: www.prasinos.my/escapethemepark Open daily, 9:00 to 18:00
  7. 7. Masdar city (Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates) Masdar City is an arcology project in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Its core is a planned city, which is being built by Masdar, a subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company, with the majority of seed capital provided by the Government of Abu Dhabi. Designed by the British architectural firm Foster and Partners, the city relies on solar energy and other renewable energy sources. The city is designed to be a hub for cleantech companies. Its first tenant is the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. In term of transportation: The initial design banned automobiles, as travel will be accomplished via public mass transit and personal rapid transit (PRT) systems,with existing road and railways connecting to other locations outside the city. The absence of motor vehicles coupled with Masdar's perimeter wall, designed to keep out the hot desert winds, allows for narrow and shaded streets that help funnel cooler breezes across the city In term of architectural design: Masdar is a sustainable mixed-use development designed to be very friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. Masdar City has terracotta walls decorated with arabesque patterns. From a distance, the city looks like a cube. A 45-meter (148 ft) high wind tower modeled on traditional Arab designs sucks air from above and pushes a cooling breeze through Masdar's streets. The site is raised above the surrounding land to create a slight cooling effect. Buildings are clustered close together to create streets and walkways shielded from the sun. Personal View: Masdar City is a great city which mainly concern on green state of living,whilist expanding alongside the growth of technology.Strong economical structure and well-developed transport system is the things I should learn and apply in my city.The public mass transportation which can reduce amount of carbon emissions is a good design that should be use wisely in all city include my city.The climate of Abu Dhabi and Malaysia is almost same so I hope I can apply the good concept of its city into my city.
  8. 8. VANCOUVER, CANADA Vancouver in Cananda now consistently performing well in worldwide livable city rankings, Vancouver has an ambitious goal of becoming the the greenest city in the world by 2020. They already lead the world in hydroelectric powermaking up 90 percent of its supplyas well as regularly tapping into renewables like wind, solar, and wave power. For the mass transit, bike lanes (248 miles worth), ride sharing programs, and greenways, Vancouver has the lowest per capita carbon emissions of any major city on the continent. As part of their 2020 goals, they aim to decrease emissions an additional 33 percent, while also enacting strict green building codes (all new developments must be carbon neutral) and improving the energy efficiency of existing structures by 20 percent. One area where Vancouver could improve is in their use of electric vehicles. The Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association estimates there are only 20 pure electric vehicles on city roads. This is largely due to availability, with the Chevy Volt only just released in Canada and the Nissan Leaf expected later this fall. While there are only 15 charging stations currently planned, city officials are planning more for the future and expect EVs to account for 15 percent of new vehicle sales in Vancouver by 2020.
  9. 9. Personal View: Vancouver in Cananda is a well develop green city.The design of their city is in modern and high technology form.While they develop a city they will concert about the importance of natural and build up the renewable energy source as their main source in daily life.This is the good example that I should learn from it apply to built in my future city.Their electric vehicle is also one of the good idea that can be generate and improve it in my city.This city will be one of the best example that I will look up when I built my city.
  10. 10. Culture Culture Activities The culture of Malaysia draws on the varied cultures of the different people of Malaysia. The first people to live in the area were indigenous tribes that still remain; they were followed by the Malays, who moved there from mainland Asia in ancient times. Chinese and Indian cultural influences made their mark when trade began with those countries, and increased with immigration to Malaysia. Hence when we build the city we should concern about our country culture. Here are the example list of cultural buildings that built in my city: 1) Mosque 2) Chinese Temple 3) Church 4) Hindu Temple Joget Melayu ,a Malay dance There are some various cultu