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Epidural Steroid Injection for Back Pain

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What's it like to get an epidural steroid injection in your back? Does it work and what are the risks?

Text of Epidural Steroid Injection for Back Pain

  • 1.Epidural Steroid Injection for Back Pain By Meital James http://Pain-in-Lower-

2. I think its safe to say that if you must be suffering from an extremely severe lower back pain if you are considering an epidural steroid injection . 3. As a mother of two, I went through the pleasurable epidural injection experience twice while giving birth to them, fully aware of the possible risks, dangers and side effects that both me and my baby could suffer from. 4. But I was desperate for pain relief and there were little to no other effective options . Are you desperate too? Do you think you have no other options?You couldnt be more wrong . 5. The Epidural Steroid Shot ProcedureUsually with the aid of x-ray guidance, a mixture of steroids and numbing medication are injected into the tiny epidural space in your spine. If performed correctly, the medication gets to the intended area. If not done correctly, all hell breaks loose . 6. I think everyone knows atleast one person (mostlywomen) that has a horrorstory about her failedepidural injection. Thetemporary paralysis, thehead-crushing headache,the nausea. Theunnecessary pain (and allof this while trying to givebirth to a child!) 7. The Epidural Shot RisksFirst think you should know is that theaverage success rate (by success Imean short term pain relief) is about 50percent. Also, despite a documented629% increase in low back pain steroidshots, no correlating improvement indisability rates and patient outcomes werefound (Source: Pubmed). 8. These are the possible risks of ESI :1. Paraparesis / Paraplegia2. Inflammation around your spinal cord ,nerves and brain (Arachnoiditis ) Thisusually happens when the medication isaccidentally injected into the spinal fluid (this isnot as rare as you might think!)3. Bone Fractures Your risk of bone fracturesin the spine increases by 29 percent each timeyou get an epidural shot (especially if you sufferfrom osteoporosis). 9. 4. Medication Side Effects From thesteroid medication itself These includehigh blood sugar, decreased immunity, ulcers,hip arthritis and more.5. Infection This can rank from mild to severe.6. Spinal Headache My friend had this sideeffect. Its basically the worst headache you everimagined. Every tiny movement makes you feellike you head is going to explode. Its terrifying.7. Meningitis (heard the recent news?),Seizures, nerve damage And more fun stuff asthese, let me stop here. 10. The Natural Alternative Spinal Decompression In a study published by the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in 1999 (long time ago) it was found that 81% of those with mild to moderately severe pain found symptomatic relief with traction therapy. There are thousands of low back pain sufferers testimonials that confirm these findings. 11. Traction creates separation in your vertebrae . It decompresses and stretches your spine, relieving pressure on your spinal discs and nerves. This usually results in instant pain relief, but not just that. 12. The separation allows nutrient-rich fluid tocirculate within the vertebrae (which yourbody then uses to heal itself) and allows yourdiscs to re-absorb the water gravity issucking out of them . Without water in yourdiscs to help absorb the pressure on your spinecaused by gravity as well as normal wear-and-tear on your body each day, you beginexperiencing the pain youre probably feeling asyou read this right now. 13. Spinal Decompression at HomeYou can always go to achiropractor to gettraction therapy, but ifyour budget is a bittight and you donthave much time, youcan safely do thisat home byyourself , using aninversion table or theNubax Trio. 14. The Nubax Trio is something everyone suffering from pain in lower back should use, due to its amazing ability to heal and strengthen your spine over the long term. And it only requires 3-6 minutes of treatment a day! 15. Imagine just 3 short weeks from now asYOUR lower back pain and physicalfunction improves by 100%, allowingyou to finally get back to thethings you LOVE to do , but havetoo much pain to do now. 16. This is an easy choice : With a steroid injection you have a lot to lose and little to gain. With a traction device (Click here to see it) you have little to lose (you can return it and get your money back) and A LOT to gain.What would you choose? 17. If you are still in doubt, see this detailed review to learnmore Right Now!

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