Foods To Keep Winter Blues Away

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<ol><li> 1. Foods To Keep Winter Blues Away </li><li> 2. Foods To Keep Winter Blues Away To stay fit and healthy during winter, we need to eat foods that warm and nourish us. With the winter cooling up everything in its path, it would help to know effective ways to include foods that will keep the warmth and immunity high at all times. Warming foods have the effects of raising the energy of organs, improving blood circulation and dispelling the cold. Warm foods are extremely important for those who get adversely affected in the cold weather by having cold feet, cold hands, bloating, lack of energy, oedema, fluid retention, stomach pains, diarrhoea and sore joints. The description of hot or cold food does not relate to the temperature of the food but rather to the effect the food has on your body. Foods To Eat In Winter In order to stay fit and healthy during winter, we need to eat foods that warm and nourish us without causing our weight or cholesterol levels to increase. This winter, opt for thermogenic foods like those high on fibre (salads), foods having good protein content (meats, eggs, skim milk products) and omega-3 (walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, fish). The body uses more energy to digest and absorb these foods, thereby burning more calories through the process of digestion and absorption. Visit your nearest Apollo clinic and talk to our dietician to know more about the best foods you can eat this winter. Foods that keep us warm during the cold season are: Fruits Vegetables Grains Meat Nuts Cherry Green leafy veggies Wheat Chicken Walnuts Guava Onions Bajra Prawns Almonds Peach Brinjal Jowar Eggs Pine nuts Orange Potatoes Oats Fish Flax seeds </li><li> 3. Apollohospitals: Twitter: Youtube: Facebook: Slideshare: Linkedin: Blog:Blog: </li></ol>


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