Funny ways to lose weight fast: check out how to burn calories & get fit body

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Are you tired of trying various weight loss techniques without any success. Then this slide show is for you only. For more tips do visit at or subscribe to our youtube channel at


  • 1. 1. Jogging You certainly have heard about jogging. Movefast ideally above 8mph. Do it for at least 30minutes and you would be able to reduceextra calories in your body.

2. 2. Basket Ball You can easily lose calories and keep yourbody fit by playing frequent basket ball. 3. 3. Swing Dancing Swing Dancing can reduce around 180 caloriesin 30 minutes. This dance format is morebeneficial for people above 50 years of age. 4. 4. Tennis If you play tennis for an hour, you can easilyburn around 600-900 calories of body fat. Plusyou can improve your body speed and fitness. 5. 5. Cycling Cycling too can help you to lose good amountof calories and amount of calories dependsupon your cycling speed. 6. 6. Swimming Swimming is also quite useful for losing yourextra calories and maintaining over all fitness. 7. 7. Jumping Rope Seriously, jumping rope can also burn your fat.At moderate level, you can easily lose 931calories in one hour.