Healing The Trauma Of Abuse Using Clean Language

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  • Healing the Trauma of Abuse Using Metaphor Therapy The generative question which drove David Grove in his initial creation of Metaphor Therapy was, Where do people go when they dissociate? Using this question and his unique integration of Client-centered therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis produced this most complete therapy to heal all aspects of traumatic abuse.This approach directly addresses the traumatic consequences of depersonalization , i.e., being out-of-body, fragmented and having interjected the perpetrator.The next slide is a summary of the healing questions used in Metaphor therapy for traumatic healing. For more information you can look at http://www.cleanlanguage.co.uk/problemdomains.html. The article includes Davids original work and his later extensions in the Clean use of language for Traumatic Healing.

    2009 Monroe Judkovics