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  • 1. Healthy Ageing - Policy Context Dr Roger OSullivan 7 March 2013

2. Introduction Constructions of ageing Ageing policy Healthy Ageing Implications 3. Construction of ageing Everyone involved in policymaking, individually and collectively, is engaged in everyday theorising, that is, they hold articulated or unarticulated ideas about the behaviours and needs of people and what direction social policy could take to address these. Dr. Maria Pierce and Dr. Virpi Timonen 2010 A discussion paper on theories of ageing and approaches to welfare in Ireland , north and south 4. Different Constructions of Ageing Chronological view of ageing New theories of ageing Bismarck designed the first Pension system in 1881 5. Construction at three levels Individual level Organisational level Public policy 6. Ageing - Individual level - terminology Elderly The aged Older folks Seniors Senior citizens Pensioners Older people 7. Ageing organisations Ageing Organisational level 8. Policy Level - International Policy Drivers: Older Americans Act (1965) Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing (1983) The United Nations Principles for Older Persons (UN General Assembly Resolution 46/91 - 1991). European Year of the Elderly and of Solidarity between Generations (1993) Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (UN, 2002) WHO - Active Ageing: A Policy Framework (WHO, 2002) Age-friendly Cities Programme (WHO, 2006) UN General Assembly: Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (UN, 2010) Commissioner for Wales 2007 (NI in 2012) European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (2012) 9. Ageing policy in Ireland north and south Northern Ireland Investing for health (2002) Ageing in an inclusive society (2005) Lifetime Opportunities: Governments Anti-Poverty and Social Inclusion Strategy (2007) Commissioner for older people in NI (2012) New ageing strategy Republic of Ireland The Years Ahead (1998) Quality and Fairness: A Health System for You (2001 Towards 2016: Ten Year Framework Social Partnership Agreement 2006 2015 Positive Ageing Strategy 2013 -forthcoming 10. Ageing in an Inclusive Society Strategy Overview 11. Ageing in an Inclusive Society Strategy Healthy Ageing Section 12. Development of Concept Ageing well (1970s) Successful ageing (1970s) Productive ageing (1980s) Healthy ageing (1980s) Inclusive ageing (1990s) Positive ageing (1990s) Active ageing (1990s) 13. Healthy Ageing - Policy definitions Ireland: NCAOP While healthy ageing implies a focus on the maintenance of health, often through lifestyle choices and preventive measures (Davey, 2002), it is used here in a broader context. Healthy ageing, as used in this report, is concerned with increasing the quantity and quality of life of older people (National Council on Ageing and Older people - Healthy Ageing in Ireland: Policy, Practice and Evaluation 2003). EU - OECD The process of optimizing opportunities for physical, social and mental health to enable older people to take an active part in society without discrimination and to enjoy an independent and good quality of life (SNIPH, 2007). International - The Australian government Healthy ageing describes the on going activities and behaviours you undertake to reduce the risk of illness and disease and increase your physical, emotional and mental health. 14. Targets : Active and Healthy Ageing European commission: Active and healthy ageing innovation partnership have set a goal of adding 2 years to the average healthy lifespan in the EU by 2020 15. Measurement of healthy ageing Although the notion of healthy aging has gained wide acceptance in gerontology, measuring the phenomenon is challenging. Guided by a prominent conceptualization of healthy aging, we examined how shifting from a more to less stringent definition of healthy aging influences prevalence estimates, demographic patterns, and validity. (McLaughlin SJ, Jette AM , Connell CM. 2012) 16. Concluding remarks Consider how we and policy makers are constructing ageing Recognise that different terminology has been adopted by different governments, researchers and consumers implications for comparisons Consider are policy goals actually achievable or just aspirational.