How to Get More Out of Your Pilates Classes in Seattle

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Yoga in Seattle has never been more accessible, more integrated into other workouts, or more fun. LAB5 Fitness has an extensive schedule of yoga classes and convenient options for different packages. Were all about providing the best fitness experience possible, so you can use Yoga as part of your overall fitness program by integrating your own personalized program. Hop on the Yoga trend and take your first class at LAB5 Fitness for free.


  • 1.How to Get More Out of Your Pilates Classesin Seattle Disappointed by the results you are getting with Pilates? If you are taking the occasional Pilates class, or even doing it most of the time you may be frustrated at not getting the outcomes you want. Pilates is a great way to increase your strength andflexibility while helping to improve the alignment of your body.Pilates has proven to be super effective in getting greatoutcomes. When it is done correctly, Pilates offers major fitnessbenefits, requires mental focus, connects the mind and body, andtruly does sculpt the abs like nothing else.Pilates has been around for nearly one hundred years thanks toJoseph Pilates. If youre curious (or need some more reasons togo to your Pilates class) here are some of the great benefits youcan receive: Spinal mobility Flexibility Muscular endurance Posture Lower back strength Bone density606 Broadway East Studio A Seattle, LAB5 Fitness Pilates Seattle, WA (206) 569-5628 WA 98102

2. I know a lot of students who look to Pilates to be everything theyneed in a fitness program. That would be great, but it isnt. Youwill still need to include a cardiovascular workout and somestrength training to have a well rounded fitness program.The benefits of Pilates make it more than worth the time spent inclass. Not to mention the fact that it is fun. To get the most outof your Pilates classes once youve made that commitment toexercise, make sure to stick with it. Find your preferred time ofthe day to workout, and give it some priority in your day-to-dayschedule. And after youve been at it for a while, remember thatin Pilates, advancement is not about increasing the repetitions,but about how you perform more effectively, and move withease, using your core muscles (abdominals, obliques and back).Be sure to add aerobic and strength training to get the bestoutcome from your efforts.One of the truly great things about Pilates is that it offerssomething for everyone, no matter what your fitness level. Andas Joseph Pilates himself said, You will feel better in tensessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completelynew body in thirty sessions.LAB5 Fitness offers regular Pilates classes at lots of convenienttimes. There is no better time to get started (or keep going) withPilates. Better yet, LAB5 Fitness is your one-stop center foreverything else you want -yoga, some weight training, andmaybe even aerial conditioning.Visit our website to know more on Pilates.606 Broadway East Studio A Seattle, LAB5 Fitness Pilates Seattle, WA (206) 569-5628 WA 98102