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  • 2. Motivation is key element for us in able to get what we want and what we are looking for. Motivation is a part of our Personal Development to be aware and be inspired to do such things in achieving something or having someone. Motivation in losing weight is just most common for most of the people who are having problems in their weight. Being an over-weighted person is not easy because there are lots of problems that you can have, most overweighted persons experience discrimination, bullying, insecurities that can affect their personal thoughts and beings. An over weighted person is not a big joke to laugh on because these people experienced different problems in their everyday life. As an over weighted person, your career development might be affected. In an eye of a normal person, being over weighted is just normal because lots of people are in this situation, but from the eyes of a judgmental person an over weighted person is a person that must receive different harsh words. This is the worst case from this certain people, the truth is they eat harsh words in breakfast, they it insecurities on lunch, and they eat really bad jokes on dinner. This situation leads them to depression and frustration because they feel that they are different from a normal person. Personal development - 2
  • 3. Being an over weighted person is not a big deal for all of us because like us they are also humans that has feelings. But if an over weighted person decides to lose weight, well something miracle will going to happen, according from research most fit persons nowadays are from being an over weighed person they use to work out, exercise everyday just to lose fat from their body. According to the study, their experienced from being bullied by other person and other discrimination leads them to be motivated to lose weight that is how they have encourage men to lose fat and pump some iron. Personal development - 3
  • 4. Losing weight is not just having different exercise and routines; your motivation to lose weight is also significant because it will drive to do more for you to lose weight. Losing weight takes time but the list below can be your guide to be fit. 9 Tips in motivating yourself in losing weight Personal development - 4
  • 5. MAKE A REALISTIC GOAL As a starter, set a goal from what you wanted to be, being an overweight is tough though you can also be fit just like the guys from Spartans. If you wanted to have little by little process, you can set different short term goals in losing weighted. What is your goal why you do exercise? You can have different goals as you workout this makes you stay motivated and do more for you to lose weight and be just like the other normal persons out there. JOIN A TEAM OR A CLASS Joining team or class who do workout to lose weight is also a thing that you can do. Feel free then enter this class because just like you, the person who takes this class is over weighted too. You can have companions with them and have a friendship since each and every one of you from there is related from each and everyones stories behind. By having these kinds of people around you, you will feel more confident to lose weight and together, you can lose weight. Personal development - 5
  • 6. HAVE A PARTNER If you are shy enough to join a team or a class to lose weight you can have a single partner, the main advantage of this method is you are comfortable from one another because there are just two of you who do exercise and workout to lose weight. You can also build friendship from this one or if you have a friend that just like you. You can be with him or her in doing such routines every day. It is important that whoever your partner is you are comfortable with each other in doing exercise and workouts because it makes you more determined and encourage losing weight with him or her. Personal development - 6
  • 7. HAVE A TRAINER Having a trainer is also a smart way to deal with your exercise, the main advantage of having a trainer is that the trainer knows what you must do in order to lose weight in a proper way. Having a trainer allows you to have different ways to lose weight. The trainer will tell you what to do and what are the foods that you must eat and the foods that you must avoid. Some exercise leads to some injuries when you have done it wrong. Having a trainer can avoid these things for you and provide different solutions to aid your need. Personal development - 7
  • 8. JOIN MARATHONS OR OTHER SPORTS Having a sport or joining some marathons can help you burn fats, especially when you burn fat you are reducing your bodies calories and of course losing weight. Having different sport will make your sweat come out this way is also an effective way to lose weight in a natural weight. If the activity of your body is always active and you are always running or moving chances are you might lose weight by doing these stuffs. SET REWARD Setting a reward for you is also a smart way to help yourself in losing weight. Some people are motivated just for the reward they have because having reward keep you to do more and have a good job not just from losing weight but for also from other things in life. Having a reward is not all about buying expensive things for you but just like a normal rewards that others had it is important that whatever reward you want to give to yourself will help you do more in losing weight. Personal development - 8
  • 9. SET A PUNISHMENT If you fail or violate some sort of your routine, you can punish yourself although this might make you look crazy but that is not the idea what it is all about, punishing yourself is like you will avoid something or you will not eat your favorite dish or no rice today just like that. It will help you to avoid the same mistake again and focus on your program in losing your weight. TELL YOUR FAMILIES OR FRIENDS ABOUT IT Telling your families and friends what are the things and why you wanted to lose weight will help you to gain their support, telling them everything why you do this and that will help you to have their advices and their trust on you upon doing this things. Personal development - 9
  • 10. Being an over weighted person is not a joke. You must learn how to avoid it or if you are already an over weighted person try to be overweight because at the end you will be the one will suffer and experience unwanted things just like the other over weighted person are experiencing with. Try to do have motivation to do this things and be proud of yourself of you achieve to lose your weight. If you are inspired and enjoyed reading this article or you wanted to add some more with your suggestions, feel free to email us or visit our Facebook. Personal development - 10