Introduction to bilbliometrics and altmetrics

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Text of Introduction to bilbliometrics and altmetrics

  • Prof Chris Oliver

    @CyclingSurgeonThe Buzz

  • What should I read?

  • Whats important?


  • How is my research used?

  • InterviewsSurveysObservationsBibliometrics


  • Scientists do more than write papers.

    An observation*

  • Measuring Impact?

  • Objective Quantitative MeasuresJournal Citation Counts - Number of times an article is cited in other articlesJournal Impact Factor - number of times all articles in a journal are cited in other journals

  • It took approximately a generation for bibliographic citation analysis to achieve acceptability as a measure of academic impact."

  • Traces on the web

  • Web ResourcesGoogleResearchGateMendeleyLinkedInAcadaemia.eduOrcidAltmetrics.comPure (CRIS)Edinburgh Research Explorer

  • How to measure academic impact?New Filters? What kind of impact?Level of aggregation?Analysis by going for scale?

  • altmetrics is the creation and study of new metrics based on the Social Web for analyzing, and informing scholarship

  • Altmetrics tries to Measure

    Viewed - HTML views & downloadsDiscussed - journal comments, science blogs, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook & other social media Saved - Mendeley, CiteULike and other social bookmarksCited - citations in the scholarly literature, tracked by Web of Science, Scopus, CrossRef & others Recommended - resources

  • Altmetrics = > ArticlesTraditional articles & booksObjects in papers, figures, graphs, picturesSoftware ToolsDatasetsMolecular structures, artAlgorithmsSlideshows - SlideShareGrants, PatentsMentions popular media, blogs & Social media

  • Who Does It?Plum Analytics Impact - Service provider with API for publishers, bibliographic websites, offer bookmarklet.

    David Ruddy

  • Quality?Impact?Retraction?Self Citation?



  • BenefitsReader - new interesting current works & peopleAuthors - recognition besides articlesPublishers - measure success of publication, new authors, topics, more information for citation pageGrantors & Universities - additional metrics to use for grants, hiring and promotion, but not yet!Bibliographic Databases - Another information element to display with the citation

  • ProblemsMissing materials

    Buzz can be manipulated - will it become part of the PhD Curriculum?Academics dont use Social Media like the Public - unbalancedOver relianceRank employeesHow would Einsteins Theory of Special Relativity score altmetricaly if it was published today?

  • Altmetric FutureCombining different types of measures may lead to more accuracy

    More sources, better algorithmsMight influence scientists to use more social mediaAltmetrics deployed inside institution to identify what buzz isFunding

  • Prof Chris Oliver

    @CyclingSurgeonThe Buzz

    *An observation*

    David Ruddy