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Watch recorded webinar: http://www.kareo.com/resources/webinars Are you clinically and financially ready for the implementation of ICD-10-CM with a current ‘go-live’ date of October 1, 2014? Get prepared for the changes in this coding system and for a possible dip in your business practice revenue and/or reduction in coding and billing productivity. This webinar offers pre- and post-assessments to check your readiness along with practical tips to ease the transition to ICD-10. You’ll learn: • What ICD-10 is and why the change is happening • What to ask your payers about ICD-10 and your claims • How to help prevent rejections after October 2014 • How to prepare for possible reduction in productivity and/or revenue

Text of Kareo - ICD-10: Don't Freak Out! Webinar

  • Go Practice ICD-10-CM Dont Freak Out PAGE PAGE 11 KAREO | | CONFIDENTIAL KAREO CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Your Hosts Today Rochelle Glassman President, United Physician Services, LLC www.upshealthcare.com . Lea Chatham Content Marketing Manager, Kareo PAGE 2 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • How to Participate Today Follow us on Twitter @GoKareo Well be tweeting live using the hashtag #KareoTip Join our other social media channels for constant updates! PAGE 3 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Our Schedule for Today 1 Introduction & Welcome Rochelle 2 ICD-10: Dont Freak Out 3 Discover Kareos Role 4 Answer Questions PAGE 4 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Rochelle Glassman Nationally-recognized healthcare consultant Former executive-level consultant for Cigna Healthcare business entrepreneur 30 years of healthcare business experience President/CEO United Physician Services, LLC Physician Advocate Trauma-trained RN PAGE 5 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL Rochelle@UPSHealthcare.com www.UPSHealthcare.com 602.685.9500 @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Our Schedule for Today 1 Introduction & Welcome Rochelle 2 ICD-10: Dont Freak Out 3 Discover Kareos Role 4 Answer Questions PAGE 6 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • What Well Cover Today 1. Business practice solutions for ICD-10 2. Overview of ICD-10-CM 3. Feedback for online ICD-10 coding test PAGE 7 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Business Practice Solutions How to prepare for loss of revenue and reduction in productivity when coding diagnoses in ICD-10. What to ask your payers about processing your claims after ICD-10 is implemented? Steps to help prevent insurance claim rejections. PAGE 8 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Strategies to Manage Revenue Loss Take steps to implement a line of credit as soon as possible. Prepare a multi-year budget for the ICD-10 transition. Ask insurance carriers if they guarantee timely payments once ICD-10 is in effect? Develop a plan to transition into the updated coding system including optimizing from 5 - 7 characters. Identify the impact ICD-10 will have with related business associates & IT systems. Avoid loss of cash flow and the task of fishing for those extra dollars. PAGE 9 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • What to Ask Your Payers Dont chase after these funds What is the action plan of your top eight to ten payers for processing claims with ICD-10 diagnosis codes? Can each one adhere to contract guidelines to pay on time once the claim is received? If a claim is rejected due to ICD-10 diagnosis codes what is the protocol for resubmitting to get it paid? After resubmission when can you expect payment? Do your payers offer external testing for Sample patients and when? PAGE 10 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Prepare for Drop in Coding Productivity 1. ICD-10 training for the entire practice! i. ii. Billers & Coders Extra training for anatomy/physiology and medical terminology 2. Understand key differences from ICD-9 to ICD-10. 3. Address any temporary staffing needs now and in the future. 4. How many ICD-10 trainers exist in your state (AHIMA, AAPC, etc.)? PAGE 11 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL In times of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. E. Hoffer @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Preventing Insurance Claim Rejections Payers are threatening to reject claims with unspecified diagnosis codes. Determine documentation guidelines needed to assign codes to the highest level of specificity. Such as details to assign a code for closed fracture of the right carpal (wrist): initial encounter. Run a report of commonly used diagnoses and physician notes and practice coding them in ICD-10. Again, review and understand ICD-10 coding guidelines! PAGE 12 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Example In ICD-9, physician notes may state other or ill-defined fracture of lower limb, NOS assign code; 827.0. This may be rejected in ICD-10! To assign this code in ICD-10, the documentation would need notes to include items such as the specific bone of the lower limb, is it with or without fibula, and record of the current encounter as a first visit or follow-up. Thus: Subsequent encounter for fracture of left tibia shaft without fibula and the fracture is healing normally. S82.202D PAGE 13 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • ICD-10 Overview PAGE 14 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • A little entertainment before the next subject Do you feel like you are hitting something head on ?? Link: For ICD-10 Struck by http://www.youtube.com/results?se arch_query=ICD10+Code+W61.92+&oq=ICD10+Code+W61.92+&gs_l=youtube.12.. .1916.1916.0.3252. .9scNnGiw9XM PAGE 15 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Overview of ICD-10 Be prepared! Are we behind other countries implementing ICD-10? Why change? Whats the same? What is different? Discuss Placeholders What does GEMS mean? Excludes 1 & 2what is that? Yes, theres a code for that! PAGE 16 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • We Are Lagging Behind A number of other countries have already put ICD-10 in practice, including: United Kingdom (1995); France (1997); Australia (1998); Germany (2000); Canada (2001) PAGE 17 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Why the change? With our increased medical knowledge we ran out of room with ICD-9 to add updated diagnosis codes. With ICD-9 some diseases and conditions were combined with other body systems. For example: the sense organs (eyes and ears) are included with the nervous system diseases but will have their own chapters in ICD-10 CM. To reflect current medical knowledge, certain diseases have been reclassified to a more appropriate chapter in ICD-10 CM. For example, gout has been reclassified from the endocrine chapter in ICD-9 CM to the musculoskeletal chapter in ICD-10. In ICD-9 V and E codes are expanded in ICD-10. Thus, Chapters starting with V, W, X, and Y are categorized as External Causes of Morbidity, while Z is Factors Influencing Health Status Example: V00.131 is fall from skateboard and Z00.110 is health exam for newborn under 8 days old PAGE 18 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM Code Comparisons ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes 3-5 characters in length 3-7 characters in length Approximately 13,000 codes More than 68,000 codes First digit alpha (E or V) or numeric; Digits 2-5 numeric First digit is alpha; Digits 2-3 are numeric; Digits 4-7 are alpha or numeric [Example: digits 4-6 are numeric: H52.212 irregular astigmatism left eye] Limited space for adding new codes Flexible for adding new codes Lacks detail and laterality Very specific and has laterality Example: Pregnant woman at 34 weeks, delivered Example: O60.14X1, Pregnancy, woman, 34 weeks, 2 days gestation, @GoKareo; #KareoTip delivered. PAGE 19 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL
  • What is the same? What is different? Comparison ICD-10 (7 characters) to ICD- 9 CM (5 digits) ICD-10-CM Code format X X X X X X X etiology, extensi severity category on anatomic site Example: S91.321A : 2cm laceration of the right foot with foreign body PAGE 20 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL ICD-9 Code format X X X Category X X etiology, anatomic site, manifestations Example: 892.1 is the same diagnosis, without laterality @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  • Guidelines Seventh Character Definitions Initial encounter: Indicated by an A as the 7th character The letter A is used while the patient is receiving active treatment for the injury. Example: T22.111A: Burn of first degree of right forearm, First or Initial encounter Subsequent encounter: Indicated by the letter D The letter D is used for encounter after the patient has received active treatment of the injury and is receiving routine care for the injury during the healing or recovery phase. Example: T22.111D: Burn of first degree of right forearm, Subsequent encounter Sequela: Indicated by the letter S as the 7th character The letter S is used for complication or condition called the sequela. It is defined as a late effect or the residual effect after the acute phase of an illness or injury has ended that arise as a direct result of an injury. Such as scar formation after a burn. The scars are a sequela of the burn Example; T22.111S : Burn of first degree of right forearm, Sequela PAGE 21 KAREO | CONFIDENTIAL @GoKareo; #KareoTip