Keep Your Kids Active This Autumn

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Physical activity is very important as it helps children grow strong and healthy bones, maintain a healthy weight and it helps them discover all the fun they can have outdoors and indoors. In this presentation we'll show you a wealth of fun activities to do with your kids this Autumn.


  • 1. Keep Your Kids Active This Autumn

2. Physical activity is very important as it helps children growstrong and healthy bones, maintain a healthy weight and ithelps them discover all the fun they can have outdoors andindoors. 3. The best part of being able to run around and play is that notonly are you keeping fit and healthy but it can be great funtoo. 4. During the colder season its easy to just let your kids play ontheir electronic devices but its time to start having some realfun by playing in the fresh outdoors. 5. If you're struggling to get your kids playing then here's a list ofindoor and outdoor activities which will help you give them ahappy healthy Winter! 6. CyclingOn a nice sunny Autumn daywhats better than cyclingaround looking at all thecolour changes in the trees!Whether they want to bringa friend or just go as a familyit's a great chance to dosome exercise and let ofsome energy! 7. Nature WalksNature walks are not only fun but walking for an hour a day isgreat exercise for the whole family.You can make the walk fun by playing I Spy game. You canalso teach them about the seasonal changes and why leavesare turning from green to orange/red. 8. Play CentreIf the weather isn't in your favourthen there are plenty of indoorplay centres so kids can still runaround and have fun indoors.If its your kids birthday thenthey also make for the perfectchildren's party venues! 9. Sport ClubsIf your kid is passionate about asport such as football, dancingor even tennis then encouragethem to join a team.They will make lots of newfriends and exercising everyweek will be great for theirfitness. 10. Ice SkatingFor those wet and windy days why not take your kids iceskating? Its a fun way to exercise and it wont be long tilltheyre faster than you! 11. SwimmingKids love being about to splash about so for those wet dayswhy not take them down to your local swimming pool and letthem have a bit of a swim!Its great exercise and will leave them exhausted after a fewhours. 12. Scavenger HuntMake a list of objects thatyou've hidden around thegarden, or if its raining then inthe house. Give your kids 20minutes to find all the itemson the list.It's a fun game and can beplayed if they're on their ownor with friends. 13. Have fun!Remember that it's important you keep your kids healthy andactive. Don't let them waste their childhood free time byinside playing on some video game, it time our kids had theexercise they need!