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  • 1. Musculoskeletal disordersWhat are musculoskeletal disorders ?Musculoskeletal disorders include any damage or injury of muscles , nerves , tendons, joints etc, when any of these tissues work harder or get stretched beyond their normal limits.

2. Common manifestations ofmuscoloskeletal disoreders Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis Gout Osteoporosis Carpel tunnel syndrome Tennis elbow Frozen shoulder Lumbar and cervical spondylitis 3. Ayurvedic approach As per ayurveda aggravation of vata dosha can beconsidered as the main causative factor for themusculoskeletal disorders which occurs due to-: Old age Trauma Overweight Physical and mental stress Inadequate and Improper diet Improper body postures at work, travelling etc. 4. Ayurvedic management Since pacification of vata dosha is the main goal oftreatment for these disorders , the detox therapyaimed for the same has to be administered. Hence Basti therapy is used commonly for allmusculoskeletal disorders occuring due to vitiationof vata dosha. The pre- procedures of the detox therapy i.e.snehana and swedana also prove to be beneficialfor the same 5. Snehana and Swedana Snehan and swedan provides lubrication essential forpacification of vata dosha. Snehan helps in loosening the toxins from their sites whichare then dislodged by swedan. These dislodged toxins are then easily expelled out of thebody by the detox therapy. 6. Basti therapy As per ayurvedic texts basti therapy is superior to all inpacification of aggravated vata dosha in themusculoskeletal system. Both internal and external bastis are benefical for thispurpose. Internal bastis will remove the vata dosha from its mainlocation i.e. the intestinal route and will try to cure thedisease pathology from its roots. External bastis will relieve localized pain andinflammation occurring in the affected regions. 7. External bastisKati basti forManya basti for neck Janu basti for kneebackpainpain in cervical joint pain inIn lumbar spondylitis spondylitisosteoarthritis , rheumatiod arthritis etc. 8. Rejuvenative therapies in panchakarmaShirodharaIn this, stream of medicated oils areallowed to flow over head. Helps in mental relaxation and used inmusculoskeletal disorders like parkinsons disease, stroke etc. 9. UdvartanIt involves massagewith medicatedpowders useful inimproving themicrocirculation andthe efficacy of muscles 10. Ayurvedic medicines formusculoskeletal disorders Dashamoola kwath Bala taila Ashwgandha choorna Panchtiktaghrita Yograj guggulu Rasnadi kwath Mahamasha taila Rasona Kshirapaka 11. Dietary rules Avoid skipping meals Have meals at regular timings Have warm water in between while having meals Avoid excess use of spices Meals should be warm Cold beverages to be given up Following items to be included in diet- Ghee Buttermilk Leafy vegetables, clear meat soup, green gram etc. 12. Lifestyle advice Regular practice of yoga , pranayama etc. will help in preventing these disorders . Various yogic postures help in relaxing the body by relieving the stress on muscles.