Must-know Facts about Diabetes

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Diabetes is becoming increasingly prevalent in China due to changes in our lifestyles and diets. Here we provide you with some must-know facts. - See more at:


  • 1.Must-know Facts about Diabetes AUecu roo n avqvA AUnHHM S4U(1DLJ;)DL(;( 548 billion USD was spent on diabetes marement 511ggggg 51mi|lionn pe dted ause ofdiabetes In 2035, tlhere will be 592 million of diabetes patients, which 24.2% contributed by China and 5% from US ], 80% of them come from middle and low income countries T2D~90% PS: other specific type of diabetes also exist Source; SmithStreet InteNiew and Analysis Contactctwithus: @ithh -} e8MISTET Formoor'e information: www.smit11lth1st'eetclh1In1a . com; .........