Perfect Honeymoon Destination in Catalina

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  • Perfect Honeymoon Destination in Catalina Planning for honeymoon had become a daunting task. Most of us want to stay at an affordable luxury, an exotic but accessible location, and a timeless romantic setting all in one. No vacation is complete without a day of relaxation and pampering. Santa Catalina Islands sea spas are here to indulge you, whether you want a massage or a makeover. Take the time to let the islands beauty and tranquility soak into your soul. Avalon has several special places to spoil you. We all want to spend a fortune on our wedding and wanted to locate the lovely, fun, romantic places that would accommodate, well mostly those are called cheap honeymoon destinies. After considering all kinds of far away, and financially far out of reach island honeymoon destinations, we all need to stumble across the beautiful, historic, laid back Santa Catalina Island. Just an hour away from the southern California mainland on any one of the Catalina ferries, the aptly named "Island of romance" began to capture the couples imagination, and after a little investigating, we were soon settled on a Catalina honeymoon.

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