Stop Taking Your Personal Training Clients for Bodybuilders

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If you're training your clients like they're bodybuilders, that's great...if they're bodybuilders! But if they're just looking to be healthier, you may end up causing them stress, disappointing them, and in extreme cases, even causing them to injure themselves! And as a personal trainer, that's the last thing you want to do. Focus more on your client's needs, and not just on what you think they need! Discover more tips on becoming a better personal trainer with this latest article from thePTDC, the Personal Trainer Development Center! Read the full article "Stop Taking Your Personal Training Clients for Bodybuilders"


  • 1. PERSONAL T RAINER DEVELOPMENT CENT ERREAD THE FULL ARTICLETHE WORDS LARGEST FREE COLLABORATIVE BLOG FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS . WEREDEDICATED TO IMPROVING THE PERCEPTION OF THE INDUSTRY, AND YOUR SUCCESS.JOIN 94,747 FANS ON FACEBOOK, BECAUSE THAT MANY TRAINERS CANT BE WRONG.About The AuthorAs the creator and head coach of thePTDC, I'dhave to say that this thing is pretty awesome.If you're interested in my book, it'scalled Ignite the Fire. Feel free to come hangout on my Facebook page where I talk aboutexploring the perfect balance between fitness,business, & living an awesome fulfilling life.Stop Taking YourPersonal Training ClientsFor Bodybuilders!When your personal training clients come toyou, how do you treat them? Do you have aone-size-fits-all approach to training them, ordo you tailor their routine to their specificwants and needs?Many trainers treat everyone like they're abodybuilder, and give them all the same type oftraining. If your personal training clients ( readthe full article here) wants to be a bodybuilder,that's fine, but only if they're ready for that.Let's face it, most people don't care aboutbodybuilding. And if they were, they'd betraining much more often than two or threesessions per week.Of course, none of this will be an issue for you ifyou don't have any clients! Read more todiscover how to sell personal training, andsome personal trainer business tips too!