Tears matter to the eyes

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1. Tears Matter To The Eyes. 2. Tears lubricate the eyes and stop the surface of the eyes from drying out. Very thin film of tears keeps on sweeping the eyes every time we blink. This thin film layer consists of watery component formed by the fatty lipids that helps the eyes to maintain the moisture levels inside it. To maintain proper health of eyes tears play very important part for eyes. Dry eyes syndrome takes place when there is lack of tears in the eyes. Eyes need right kind of quality tears to keep the eyes moist. These fatty lipids are very important part of the eyes. Dryness in the eyes damages the surface of the eyes balls. Dry eyes syndrome can afflict to anyone no matter what age group they belong to. But we can encounter this problem among the people at age of 40 years. Generally people with dry eyes find it difficult to wear contact lenses as wearing contact lenses when the eyes are dry leads to eye damage. 3. The symptoms of Dry Eyes are as followed: You feel burning sensation in the dry eyes syndrome. Stinging sensations can also take place due to dryness. Itching and irritation inside the eyes may occur. As in this condition mucous is generated which causes the blurred vision in the eyes. Your eyes appear to be very tired and you feel like closing your eyes for the longer time as keeping open eyes do not comfort you. There are many conditions that are responsible for dry eyes they are as followed: 4. Dry eyes occur due to medical conditions like arthritis, menopause, and diabetes. When you prolong your working hours and do not take rest dry eyes happen to be your everyday story. Dry eyes occur when the weather conditions are not favorable such as windy and dry weather. Irritants like cigarettes and exposure to other chemical gases leads to dry eye syndrome. Treatment of dry eye syndrome is as followed: Make conscious efforts to blink eyes which will help the lipids to circulate inside the eyes. You can always use artificial tears to moist your eyes. If at all you are applying makeup on regular basis make sure you clean your eyes properly as the particles used in eye makeup might cause damage to your delicate eyes. Have a balanced diet with lots of vitamin C & E along with leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. Always wear sunglass when your eyes are exposed to sun to protect your eyes from UV rays. Take power nap while you are working to give rest to your eyes.