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The great solvers: facility managers and engineered air

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Text of The great solvers: facility managers and engineered air

  1. 1. They work together to solveodor and dust problems, which increase stressand decrease productivity#IFMAWW14
  2. 2. Its not just tenants who dont like odors regulators, tooOnly CA, NJ have indoor air quality regsBUTOSHAs General Duty Clause may apply.[There are guidelines.]Common sources of indoor odors:Cleaning supplies, mold, building materials,pesticides, intermittent processesSome options:Increase ambient air exchanges to dilute odorsReduce emissions at source
  3. 3. Source capture local exhaust reduces process emissions, e.g., mixing cleaners, quick use of spray adhesive, etc. Ambient air cleaners, also called local exhaust ventilation, act as secondary engineering control to capture emissions from building materials, renegade fumesOSHA says kitchens, labs, maintenance shops, garages, beauty salons, toilet rooms, trash rooms, soiled laundry rooms, locker rooms, copy rooms and other specialized areas may be a source of pollutants.
  4. 4. Another name for dust: pharmaceutical powderProposed new regulations for compounding pharmacies may require changes to the pharmacy building. Engineered air source-capture and ambient-air solutions can help.
  5. 5. Understand pros, cons of engineered air solutionsWashington State Dept. of Labor & Industries website
  6. 6. Customer testimonials demonstrate how engineered air solves problemsCheck out the Testimonial category on our blogsite, where weve posted thirty stories about how engineered air solved customer problems, including pretzel preparation, welding, soldering, university research, stem cell therapies, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, as well as dental and medical procedures. Then go have a good time in New Orleans. Its a great town.
  7. 7. Additional Facility Management SlidesharesTwo True Stories from the Facility Management ArchiveFacility Manager Solves Acid Rain Problem
  8. 8. Talk to a Sentry Air applications specialist.Call 800-799-4609, email [email protected], visit our

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