Tips to Help Your Child Avoid Video Game Addiction, By Dr. Barry Slone

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  • 1. Tips to Help YourChild Avoid Video Game Addiction By Dr. Barry Slone

2. An increasing body of research suggests that videogame addiction does in fact exist and often producespsychological and physiological reactions similar tothose found with substance addictions. Parents whowant to help their children avoid becoming addictedto video games can start by following a few simpleprevention strategies: 3. 1. Do not allow your child to start playing videogames at a young age. Pushing off the age that achild starts playing video games also delays theexposure to the brain chemicals that may lead toaddiction. In addition, not having video games mayhelp your child develop other interests, thusreducing some of his desire for them in the firstplace. 4. 2. Place firm limits on the use of video games. Keepthe video games in the main room of the house, andencourage the family to join in. This will also helpavoid overexposure. 5. 3. Video games should not be used as a reward.Doing homework and chores should be seen as waysof building responsibility, rather than as a precursorto an extended session of video games. 6. About Dr. Barry Slone: As a cognitive behavioraltherapist with more than 25 years of clinicalexperience, Dr. Barry Slone focuses on providingsolution-based therapy in such areas as anxiety,stress, depression, anger, and substance abuseproblems, including video game addiction.


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