Top 10 free iphone medical apps for healthcare professionals 2012

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Medscape This application allows access to an extensive amount of medical literature available to the medical community. It provides drug references, clinical references, clinical images and videos along with clinical pearls on some of the more common medical conditions that our doctors may encounter.


  • 1. Top 10 Free iPhone Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals 2012MedscapeThis application allows access to an extensive amount of medicalliterature available to the medical community. It provides drugreferences, clinical references, clinical images and videos along withclinical pearls on some of the more common medical conditions thatour doctors may encounter.EpocratesTermed as one of the best references in the mobile industry, thisapplication provides a great deal of content including drugmonographs, medical calculators, drug interaction tools, medicalnews and clinical articles.

2. NEJM This WeekInterested in reading the latest state-of-the-art research papers andstaying up to date on whats going around the world in the field ofmedicine? Then NEMJ This Week may just be the application for you.This application brings to you one of the most trusted names in themedical community along with the latest research findings, reviewarticles and editorial opinions on a wide variety of topics.SkyscapeThis is a must have application for all doctors using an android system,especially those using the older versions where other programmes maynot function properly. It offers a large variety of sub-applicationincluding news alert, practice guidelines, text books and drug references. 3. EvernoteWant to open and search for PDF files on your mobile, or, take instantpictures of interesting cases for future presentations and publications?Well, Evernote may be the only app you need. The best part is, reviewersgraded it as better than most other paid applications on android systems.This is a programme that is suitable for both students and professionalsalike.Radiology 2.0An imaging application that is ideal for medical students and freshdoctors. It offers a wide variety of radiological images on variousconditions in different modalities including CT and MRI. It woulddefinitely help in the sharpening of radiological skills among youngdoctors. 4. Airstrip cardiologyThis application allows monitoring of critical cardiac patients bycardiologists from a distant location. Named as one of the bestapplication, it uses mobile transmission to send patient particulars andECG recordings from the hospital to the consultants. The latter can thenrespond accordingly and treat the patient from a remote point. A musthave for cardiologists.Eye decideThis is an application that could be used by doctors and patients alike.Using this app, one can visualize the eye in 3-D with 360 rotation,offering basic information on various medical conditions of the eye. Withits help, doctors can easily explain the minute details and pathologiesassociated with the organ, allowing better comprehension by thepatients. 5. The concept of knowledge access is reviving its stands by reaching outto numerous platforms and divers dimensions. The team at OrraHealth feels that information will keep getting accumulated and getsyndicated across different sources and channels. However, the keychallenge is to segregate the critical, non-disseminated information andthe information meant for the public domain.