Top 5 Natural Ways To Help Your Child's Headache

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Do you want a natural / home remedy for your child's headache? Headaches in children are very common. We've compiled what we believe are the top 5 natural remedies for headaches


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The Top 5 Natural Ways To Help Your Childs HeadacheWWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM

We all get a headache from time to time, but to see your child in pain is heart-wrenching. Most of the time your childs headache will either resolve on its own or with natural remedies.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM

Truth be told, a headache is a tough thing for not only a child to describe, but also deal with. That being said, focusing on natural ways to alleviate the pain associated with headaches are the name of the game here.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM


1) Aromatherapy is seriously underrated in the western world. The idea is that scents act on the brain like a drug. You might say peppermint oil is the new acetaminophen.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM

To treat a headache: mix one drop of peppermint oil with unscented body lotion. Dab underneath your childs nose and behind his/her ear.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM


2) Hydration is critical for optimum health. Your kid doesnt have a Pause button, so that he/she doesnt realize when its time to quit playing and get a drink of water. Dehydration is a frequent cause of headaches in children.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM

Children should drink between 6-8 cups of water every day. Remember a dehydration headache is brought on due to water deficiency. Sugary, caffeinated drinks are not water.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM


3) Daily Diet should be evaluated, especially if your child has been diagnosed with migraines or allergy-related headaches. Some culprits include: hot dogs, banana, onions, chocolate and peanuts. MSG is a huge offender even to the extent of causing anaphylactic shock which is potentially life-threatening.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM


4) Talking about food, your child may have a hunger headache, caused by a blood sugar plummet. If you suspect he/she is hungry, give him/her a small glass of juice immediately. Keep veggies and fruits in the fridge that are pre-cut to kid-size.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM


5) Cool Gel N Cap is a mommy miracle made manifest. No, it wont clean your house or drive the carpool. But it is the greatest little pain-stopper, tear-drier-upper on todays market.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM

What you get is a first aid cap shaped like a puppy named Toby or a bunny called Tulip. Youll also get two non-toxic gel packs that you may heat or cool depending on the nature of the pain.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM

The inner-cap contains pouches on both sides that hold the gel packs. Just put the cap on your childs head and in no time at all, the headache is gone.WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM

Since a real life father developed the cap, we expect it makes daddy magic too!WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM

Cool Gel N Cap Is The Fun, Hands Free Solution for Kids Ice Packs and Hot & Cold Packs And The Only First Aid Cap For Kids. Kid Friendly Hot & Cold Therapy For Anywhere It Hurts, Head To Toe!WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM