Top 8 Fun Ways To Prevent Cancer Through

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  • Top 8 Fun Ways To Prevent Cancer ThroughExercise Dont let cancer suck the life right out of youGet out there and have some fun being active!


    Instead of the treadmill find a new forest trail you havent been to and/or make it a family event.

  • 2. YOGAGood for body and mind

    Dont worry if you are not flexibleyou will be soon!

    Start with a beginners class

  • 3. DANCINGA great way to meet peopleOr do it in the privacy of your own living roomThere are so many different dances to choose from!

  • 4. ROLLERBLADINGIf youre a beginnermight want to grab some protective gear!Great cardiovascular workout

  • 5. RunningMy personal favorite and arguably the best form of exerciseStick to softer surfaces to avoid injuryJoin a running club or train for a big race!

  • 6. Tai ChiStudies have shown this being linked to cancer preventionVery meditative qualitiesClasses can be taught in group setting or privately

  • 7. JOIN A TEAM SPORTThere are many physical and social benefits from being part of a teamA little healthy competition is good for everyone!

  • 8. Surfing/SnowboardingYou dont have to go too far to do one of these two adventurous activitiesI love both of them but am better at snowboarding!

  • But even more importantlyFuel yourself with healthy food!

    Try and stick to a predominantly whole foods plant based diet!