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V help foundation celebrate Friendship Day with kids of Cancer hospital who are in Last Stage.

Text of V help foundation cancer hospital

  • 1. V Help Foundation
    We dare to care


  • We established in 2007 and registered in 2009 under trust act with Reg. ID : E 19259,Abad.

3. Vision : Our vision is to enhance the society with educational and awareness activities to make future healthy, peaceful and safe. 4. Mission : To become one of the efficient medium to empower society with education, awareness and social values.Who we are
5. Our Team
MrSachin Shah is account expertwith 10 years of experience .He is working with N. K. Industries Ltd as Sr. Executive (Accounts& Finance),
He is Managing account and administration division for V help foundation.
MrNirav Shah is in to event management, Education domain since last 12 years. He is co founder and CEO of Utsav decorations.
He is Managing events for V help foundation.
Mr Vision Ravalis IT and Outsourcing expert who is consulting IT and Health care company like ISM, Bombardier and NTPL for six sigma, strategy and IT conceptualizer.
He is chef strategist ande presence manager for V help foundation.
MrMaulik Bhavsar has 7 years of digital marketing experience with GSM & communication domain
He is Managing communication for V help foundation.
Founder Members and Trustee
6. Activity Chart
7. Heart touching Moments at Old Age Home
While we saw 96 years old Manju baa dancing on our Bhajan & Old movie song in spite of arthritics and manyother health problems.
It make us speechless..!!
Old Age Home Visit 2010, Paldi, Ahmedabad
8. Helping hands to Flood victims
When we saw disaster by natural force, it gave us inspiration to fight with every situation in life. We put our efforts to help victim of flood in Surendranagar district with food, cloths and . LOVE !!
Flood relief campaign 2010, Surendranagar .
9. In 46 degree of summer time, on street, 19 days old puppy make us feel that survival is easy if we have faith and work hard to find the solution in
difficulties in life...!!
Help Animals & Save Birds
Free Water pot distribution, April 2011.
10. Free notebook Distribution
V-Help foundation organize Free notebook donation
campaign every year to provide education help to
below poverty line children.
11. Career development and training on How to remove exam phobia &
get good marks with strategic planning during Board exams ?
Career Guidance

  • Celebrate Friendship Day with kids who are fighting with Cancer at Civil hospital on 7th Aug 2011.

Focus of Our Next Event on Aug 7th 2011
Health Care
13. www.vhelpfoundation.com
CancerVs CuteLittle Fighters
3 injection per day
Chemotherapy per week
Daily heavy dose of medication
Very less hope of
14. www.vhelpfoundation.com
This boy can't move his feet due to the last stage of cancer
Today he can defeat the fear of tomorrow with the smile !!
15. www.vhelpfoundation.com
Some of them do not have eye but they have vision of Hope to see life !!
16. www.vhelpfoundation.com
We are not able to bring happiness on some faces however we can at lest able to stop their tears!!
17. Spread Happiness among little champs
Can you believe that the children who are in to last stage of Cancer, facing the pain with smile!! They are the real champions & Fighters we ever met in our life..!!
18. www.vhelpfoundation.com
Celebrate 14 January Kite festival at tarries of civil hospital
19. www.vhelpfoundation.com
Distribute daily used tools for care
20. We are doing since last 2 years
V-Help foundation celebrate every Friendship day with the cancer kids
21. www.vhelpfoundation.com
Tow ways to join us :
22. V-HelpLine Numbers :
9924239920 | 9898330717 | 9898504501 | 9898038819
Email :
Hello@vhelpfoundation.org / com
www.vhelpfoundation.com / org
Do not forget to take receipt of donation from our voluntaries
Contact V-Help :
23. www.vhelpfoundation.com
Thank You !!