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Prezentare din cadrul conferintei Management of Intracranial Vascular Lesions- Medicalis 2012, Cluj-Napoca

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  • 1. Cristina Caterina Aldea Scientific Coordinator: Professor Ioan tefan Florian MD, PhDIuliu Haieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca

2. Non-neoplastic Vascular Malformations of the Brain1. Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs)2. Venous Angioma3. Cavernoma4. Capillary Teleangiectasia5. Direct Fistula( McCormick-1966 ) 3. Arteriovenous Malformations 4. Arteriovenous Malformations 5. Patophysiology 6. Clinical presentation1. Hemorrhage - most common- 82% significant IP component- SAH, IVH2. Seizures3. Mass effect ( increased ICP )4. Progressive Neurologic Deficit7% of patients with AVMs present associatedaneurysms 7. Imaging studies CT scan CT angiography MRI / angio - MRI Cerebral angiography 8. Cavernomas= cavernous angioma, cavernous hemangioma 9. Clinical presentation Seizures Progressive Neurological Deficit Hemorrhage ( usually IP )> 50 % asymptomatic 10. Imaging Studies CT MRI - hemosiderine ring ( salt and pepper appearance ) Angiography angiographically occult 11. Thank you for your attention!