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<p>WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM</p> <p>WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMListen to slow music at mealtimesStudy found that participants who ate while listening to fast music consumed two more mouthfuls a minute than those who listened to slow musicWe subconsciously mimic the beat, and the faster you eat, the more likely you are to overeat</p> <p>WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMGet more calciumIt can protect your colon as well as your bones. Researchers have found an association between high dietary intake of calcium and vitamin D and a decreased risk of colorectal cancer</p> <p>WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMKnow when to say noHeavy alcohol consumption is linked to a higher rate of colorectal cancer or polypsModerate consumption of wine was shown to have a protective effect</p> <p>WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMLimit antacid intakeStudy from Austria suggests that over-using antacid tablets may increase the risk of food allergies by possibly interfering with digestion</p> <p>WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMTake a vitamin E supplementHigh blood levels of alpha-tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, may lower the risk of developing cancer of the stomach and esophagus, according to new research </p> <p>WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMHave a cup of coffeeGerman researchers have found an antioxidant in coffee that may protect against colon cancer. Avoiding caffeine? Decaf also contains the same compound</p>