Ways To Be Healthier Life - Joints

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<ol><li> 1. WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE JOINTS <br />Pump iron<br />Weight-bearing exercises : <br />Reduces joint pain caused by arthritis <br />Improve physical function <br />Better shape muscles are in, the better they're able to protect joints from shock<br /></li><li> 2. WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE JOINTS <br />Vary your workouts<br />Repeating the same exercise routine day after day will cause wear and tear on your muscles<br />They also reduces the overall effect of the exercise on your body<br /></li><li> 3. WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE JOINTS <br />Keep your balance<br />Balancing on one leg works the muscles in your buttocks and upper legs and can reduce your risk for falls. <br />Quick exercise: <br />While standing, start with 15 seconds and build up to one minute balancing on each leg<br />Squeezing your buttocks together and lift up your midsection<br /></li><li> 4. WAYS TO HEALTHIER LIFE JOINTS <br />Do a downward dog<br />Practicing yoga in addition to other therapies can help relieve the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis of hands<br /></li></ol>