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2. DEVELOPS FIRST WELLNESS y PRODUCT TO REDUCE STRESS, INCREASE ENERGY optca path of mental and physical well being. And,X anGo, the first company to market a premium mangosteen health bever- with todays worsening economy, the tough We have always age, XanGo Juice, is taking the nextjob market and bad news in the housing sec- managed what life step in solving the health and wellness puzzle tor, theres plenty to cause stress in our every- by introducing its newest wellness product day lives. throws at us but that aims to restore natural, youthful vigor.Five years in development, Formula X51 after just several no Code-named Formula X51 during its pre- joins XanGos proprietary, category-creating days on X51, the product line, which now includes XanGos launch stage, the product will be formally ability to multi-task launched and its name announced at an eventwhole food multi-vitamin, 3SIXTY5, and its has never been easier. The true test wason Sept. 5th in Washington, D.C. globally successful, toxin-free skin nutrition when we ran out! We were beggingDeveloped over several years by Shawnbrand known as Glimpse Topical Skin people for some X51 to hold us untilTalbott, Ph.D., and backed by measurable sci-Nutrition. Founded in 2003, XanGo has our next order arrived. Lesson learnedentific studies, Formula X51 addresses meta- achieved remarkable success, with sales that and we will never run out again! bolic imbalance that causes most of us to feel soared beyond the $1 billion mark in five Sandi and Ed Cohen, XanGo tired, stressed out and emotionally depressed. years. And with the launch of X51, the 500K Premier Select, Members, This new all-natural proprietary botanical momentum continues as XanGo approaches XanGo Millionaires Club blend is designed to complement XanGoits seventh anniversary. Juice to support natural vigor, leading you to doFirst wellness product to reduce stress, increaseMangosteen Pericarp Oil Page 5 CONTENTSenergy Page 2 XanGos compensation plan is more than aFormula X51 builds wellness, vigor Page 3partnership Page 6 XanGo Juice is perfect mate for Formula X51 Page 4 XanGos seasoned founders, corporate executives Page 6 Glimpse Topical Skin Nutrition Page 5 Second chance to join billion-dollar growth wave Page 7 This is a special feature magazine including All information contained in this feature article is provided by the featured company. material previously published in NMBJ. NMBJ The act of publishing a story should not be construed as an endorsement or judgement has newsworthy articles on currentof the featured company by Network Marketing Business Journal. Network Marketing Businessindustry events, the best training columns Journal assumes no responsibility for performance, integrity or claims made by the featuredin the industry and cost-effective THIS IS A SPECIAL company.advertising that works!All information contained in other columns is the responsibility of the individual columnist. FEATURE MAGAZINECall: 815-726-5555 or FAX 815-726-5550 The opinions expressed by the columnist are his or her own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Network Marketing Business Journal.20636 Burl Court Unit E Joliet, Il 60433 The entire contents of Network Marketing Business Journal are protected under the federal www.nmbj.comcopyright act. Reproduction of any printed issue or portion thereof is strictly prohibited without the expressed written consent or permission of Network Marketing Business Journal. 3. yop FORMULA X51 BUILDS WELLNESS, VIGORXanGos Founder and Board Member Joe Morton believes Formula X51 will be the most transformational product since XanGo Do you know what its like to work with tc Juice. The need for a product like X51 has never been greater. Most Americans, go through life tired, stressed and depressed. Doctors pre- scribe medications such as sleep aids and other mood enhancers, while many people seek more readily available solutions such as coffee, energy drinks and over-the-counter sleeping aids.In fact, anti-depressants are the most prescribed drug in America. your best friend, with the best company, with the best owners, with the best prod- ucts, with the best mentors and trainers? We do and its a blast! Finally aahhh! Byron Chappell, Elk Ridge UT There is one anti-depressant prescription for every two-and-a-half people in the country. Americans spend $37 billion on anti-depres- sants; $4.3 billion on sleep medication; $3 billion-plus on energy drinks; and $40 billion on coffee. All totaled, Americans have spent no more than $80 billion to obtain relief from fatigue and stress. But all of these remedies only provide temporary relief and target symp-I used to be a general contractor, working toms, not the cause. X51 formulator Dr. Shawn Talbott maintains thatmorning till night and killing myself physi- the real cause of these symptoms is the lack of metabolic balance and cally just to earn a living. Now with proper function. X51 introduces a new category of natural products to XanGo, and X51, I work when I want, with target this imbalance and promote vigor.who I want, have fun, make money, andScientists define vigor (wellness) as physical energy, mental acuity have the energy and time to enjoy life. and emotional balance. Vigor, according to Dr. Talbott, is a scientifi-William Wallace, Jacksonville FL cally valid term from psychological research and can be measured. XanGo uses the Profile of Mood States as a measure, also calledmones to help more people to a greater degree. Thats the result POMS. The company invites you to measure your POMS atXanGo is achieving with Formula X51. www.xango.com/X51. According to the POMS survey, Formula X51 in pre-launch exclu-Stress upsets metabolic balance and, unfortunately, todays mod- dosive product trials reduced fatigue by 48 percent and improved vigor ern-day remedies, such as coffee and energy drinks dont restore the by 27 percent. Anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of Formula X51 users needed balance. Achieving metabolic balance requires harmonizing:feel the beneficial effects within one to two weeks. This response rate 1. Hormones, such as cortisol, testosterone, insulin, and thyroid, tois unheard of in the wellness industry. And, these results are statisti- name a few; 2. Enzymes and 3. Neurotransmitters, such as serotonin,cally significant, meaningful and useful in terms of peoples everyday dopamine and norapranephrine.lives.When asked which ingredient in Formula X51 is the most impor- Candy Webb, a Formula X51 user and a XanGo 200K Premier tant, Dr. Talbott replied, Just as theres no most important hormoneSelect distributor, says. Two tablets in the morning produce sustained or neurotransmitter; theres no most important ingredient. Its thefeelings of energy, well-being, and mental clarity that have left me overall combination or blend of ingredients that restores the balancefeeling just great again. Webb says that her experience with X51 is and thus restores the vigor. He went on to explain that each ingredi- easy to share because the first thing people usually ask when they see ent is important in the formula, and its the proportion with which they you is, How are you feeling? I tell them Im feeling great with a are used in the formula that delivers the balance. If you balance justbig smile, says Webb, and its because of this wonderful new prod- one hormone, youll get some benefits but if you ignore the other hor- uct Im taking that they might be interested in. Just that quickly and mones, you could still feel terrible. You need to address many hor-easily, youve created immediate interest in X51.NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses 3 4. yopAs a recognized category creator, XanGoJuice is the first to deliver a proprietary,whole-fruit pure that matches great tastewith proven scientific research. XANGO JUICE tcIS PERFECT MATE FOR MDr. Talbott says that Formula X51 only addressesFORMULA X51passes hundreds of quality tests before its served to about half of overall wellness issues. XanGo Juice consumers worldwide. XanGo starts by selecting the excels at aiding in providing balance to physical well-best mangosteen fruit from qualified farms in Southeast ness, whereas X51 addresses vigor, including mentalAsia. The exclusive whole-fruit pure of XanGo Juice and emotional wellness. Together, Formula X51 anduses the center of the fruit as well as the rind, where no XanGo Juice produce the perfect match, Talbott powerful xanthones are concentrated. explains. XanGo guarantees every XanGo Juice consumer the As a recognized category creator, XanGo Juice is the same incredible experience unmatched flavor and pre- first to deliver a proprietary, whole-fruit pure that mium nutritional support. The final product boasts: matches great taste with proven scientific research. The nutritional attributes of the whole mangosteen XanGo Juice boasts concentrations of naturally occur-fruit. ring phytonutrients, including xanthones, catechins, A category-creating, market-leading, premium flavonoids and proanthocyanidins. In fact, the whole dietary supplement. fruit mangosteen found only in XanGo Juice contains A flavorful experience unlike any other. more xanthones than any other botanical known to sci- The harnessed power of xanthones one of the ence.mangosteens powerful, biologically active compo- Grown primarily in Southeast Asia and a handful of nents. tropical locations, XanGo gives the mangosteen fruit A supplement that can be used by everyone. do the careful and exact handling it requires. From theJust one to three ounces a day gives you what you twice-yearly harvests to the formulation of XanGoneed. Research indicates that naturally occurring xan- Juice, XanGo brings expert precision to every step ofthones may help maintain intestinal health, support the the production process. XanGo ensures outstandingimmune system, neutralize free radicals, help support product quality standards from the mangosteen tree tocartilage and joint function, and promote a healthy sea- the bottle. XanGo Juice meets strict ISO standards and sonal respiratory system.XanGo has impacted my life in the last 6 years. And now with X51 it has impacted the way I live life. Ive been high stress most of my adult life but in the last 6 weeks Ive been functioning stress free. I have sustainable energy with no crash and amazing sleep and that has been LIFE CHANGING. This the way life is meant to be! John Zenes, Stansbury Park, UT 4 NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses 5. Jason and Rod have realized thatbuilding huge residual incomestreams is where its at. After exten-ysively researching every businessmodel known to man and studying the number-one business choice of top business people like Kiyosaki, Buffet and Trump, Iop discovered that network marketing and XanGo provid- ed the absolute best opportunity to earn more money with less time than I could have ever dreamed possible. This new product, code name X51, will, without a doubt, create an unprecedented tidal wave of financial success like never seen before in the entire MLM indus- try. Jason Cheshire and Rod CombestGLIMPSE TOPICAL SKIN NUTRITION tcXanGo discovered a vital life source deep within the rich, dark pericarp of the mangosteen fruit. Driven by this discovery, ground- breaking science, and performance-driven results, XanGo has createdtion and cold processing to preserve and amplify the potent phytonu-trients found in mangosteen. This scientific care and attention to detailensures performance-driven skin nutrition coupled with vital safety a category others will follow Glimpse Topical Skin Nutrition.and rare purity.The mangosteen holds many secrets and anti-aging is one of them.Sandi Cohen, a XanGo 500K Premier Select, has been an active XanGo has explored the whole mangosteen fruit and derived the finest voice in sharing the toxic-free message for more than a dozen years. and most potent xanthone-rich ingredients. The result is a proprietary After years of miscarriages, her daughter-in-law was able to conceive no blend, exclusive to Glimpse, known as BioActive X3 Complex. a child and carry it full-term after Cohen helped rid her body of toxic This patent-pending blend of three exclusive xanthone complexes is atchemicals. Today Cohen has three healthy grandsons and an entire the heart of XanGos meticulously created formulas.family of loyal Glimpse consumers. Cohen was very excited when sheThrough the convergence of time-honored techniques andlearned that XanGo signed the Compact For Safe Cosmetics (some- advanced, customized technology from Japan, BioActive X3 thing very rare in any direct sales company). Complex is enhanced with mangosteen-infused water, biofermenta- MANGOSTEEN PERICARP OIL do For centuries, a paste of mangosteen peel and coconut oil was fash- ioned to treat the challenged skin conditions of Southeast Asian inhab- itants. Today, XanGo honors this restorative tradition with its natural- ly fermented pure Mangosteen Pericarp Oil. This proprietary formula helps to unlock the secrets of the past and embrace natures treatment of the future with XanGos most concentrated xanthone complex. Now validated by modern science, Mangosteen Pericarp Oil is XanGos new answer to soothe, energize, and protect skin. Mangosteen Pericarp Oil contains the pure essence of mangosteen in a richly concentrated xanthone oil. Known as Liquid Gold among XanGo distributors, Mangosteen Pericarp Oil helps to restore the skin to its most healthy state and soothe challenged skin conditions. Mangosteen Pericarp Oil calms the signs of inflammation and stimu- lates collagen production. It is safe for family use and can be used anywhere on the body.NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses 5 6. XANGOSCOMPENSATION PLAN IS MORE THAN A PARTNERSHIPWhat is more important than the details of XanGos compensation Simple, easy-to-understand compensation structure plan is XanGos approach to the compensation plan and the relationshipRetail commissions Distributors can purchase a bottle of XanGo for to its distributors. When XanGo started, the founders wanted a real part- $25 and sell it for the suggested retail price of $37.50 and keep the dif- nership with distributors.ference. Many new distributors earn substantial commissions just retail- The founders started this partnership by setting a true 50 percent of ing XanGo at the suggested retail price. payout into the compensation plan. XanGo calls this a true 50 percent Weekly Power Start Bonus For those distributors who want to make because XanGo does not play games with its compensation plan the waya lot of money quickly, theres an exciting weekly Fast Start Bonus of upy some other direct sales companies do. to 30 percent paid on all of the first orders of personally sponsored dis- 1. Some companies use Commission Value (CV) or Bonus Value (BV) tributors, and a bonus of up to 15 percent on the second generation. at less than 100 percent of the revenue of the wholesale distributor cost.Simply stated, XanGos residual income plan pays out 47 percent over For example: if a company charges $130 wholesale for the product butnine levels and generation bonuses, plus three percent in various man- pays 50 percent on only $100 CV, their actual payout is only 38.46 per-op agement bonuses and pools. Thats easy to say and easy to explain. cent or $50. XanGo would pay out 50 percent on the full $130 or $65.Monthly unilevel XanGo goes the extra mile by guaranteeing no Which commission plan would you rather have?corporate breakage and dynamic compression through unlimited lev- 2. Many companies rely on breakage. Breakage is caused when a dis-els of generation bonuses. The XanGo unilevel plan is one of the deepest tributor does not achieve his or her monthly qualifications. When thispaying unilevels in network marketing (nine generations paying out an occurs, the company keeps the income for itself. XanGo is one of fewaverage of five percent per level). companies to use a system called dynamic compression, which rolls upQuarterly bonus pool Finally, as if this wasnt enough, XanGo cre- or fills all of those holes. This allows XanGo to pay out the full 50 per-ated a quarterly bonus pool. This bonus is paid to top leaders by taking cent and for distributors to earn the maximum income possible for which three percent from all commissionable orders worldwide and dividing it they are qualified. Ask any professional network marketer if thats a big among top leaders based on their performance. For top distributors, this deal. It is! tc quarterly bonus can actually exceed their unilevel check, producing some 3. Another method that some companies are using to lower the actual of the largest checks in network marketing. amount paid to distributors is to set qualification standards for bonuses orCar bonus XanGo has a car bonus for top qualifying distributors that overrides so high that they are virtually impossible to achieve. All of pays up to $750 a month. XanGos bonuses and commissions are achievable. This has been demon- Beyond a 50/50 partnership strated by hundreds of thousands of individuals who continue to make a healthy living as a XanGo distributor! 4. Another way some companies get around providing its distributorsXanGo has introduced two new ranks, Quantum Premier and the X1 a true payout is to include items in the companys total payout or binary Premier. With these two ranks, XanGo also introduced two achievement cap that is usually a part of the companys overhead costs. This is not usu-bonuses. Distributors who earn the Quantum Premier rank can earn an ally even revealed to the sales force. As you will read, XanGos compen-achievement bonus of $750,000. Distributors who earn the X1 Premier no sation plan is simple and straightforward. XanGo offers an honest 50/50 rank can earn an achievement bonus of $1,000,000. Qualifications to partnership with its distributors.receive these mega bonuses are very achievable, especially compared toColli Butler, a 20-year veteran of network the bonus programs offered by other companies.marketing and a 500K Premier Select for Both the car bonuses and these achievement bonuses go beyond theXanGo, believes the biggest reason for her huge50/50 partnership. What other company has ever paid more than theysuccess at XanGo and the reason so many indus- promised? No wonder XanGo has already created nearly 100 millionairestry leaders have been drawn to Xango is the com- with its first billion-dollar mangosteen juice brand and paid out in excesspensation plans dynamic compression feature.of a half-billion in commissions. XanGos new Formula X51 has theButler says, In previous companies, I felt like I promise to be the companys next billion-dollar brand. Would you like towas in competition with the company for com- be one of XanGos next millionaires?missions. But with XanGo, I know the company Colli Butler is 100 percent committed to my success because XanGos seasoned founders, corporate executives the more money I make, the more money the company makes. This is aXanGo has a six-man dream team which has held top corporate do true partnership that is a win-win for both distributors and the company.positions with some of the most successful network marketing companies of all time. To top it off, they have hired over a dozen seasoned executives who bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the table, not to mention fluency in dozens of languages. As you read about the back- As a woman over 50, Ive been plaguedgrounds of XanGos six founders, you will discover the secret to the com- with female problems that come with age.panys unprecedented success. My honey and I were both slowing downJoe Morton, XanGo founder and board member, mentally and physically. All that hasremains a true inspiration to all who do business with changed now with X51 and we are enjoy- XanGo. A former executive for several companies ining life again, full of passion and vigor,the industry, Joe was living and working in SoutheastAND hes no longer a grumpy old man. We felt like a Asia when he discovered the mangosteen fruit for theswitch turned on and never want to be without this formula- first time. It was there he also first discovered the keyingredients in X51. Ultimately, Joes understandingtion. Waking up to a new day is exciting again. Carolof natural products, gained from growing up withPartners continud on page 7and Tom Ferrier, Alpine UT Joe Morton 6 NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses 7. Partners from page 6 exist at XanGo. For his efforts, in 2008 he was recognized among the brother Gordon in a home where natural products were a way of life,40 Under 40 top business leaders in Utah. led him, Gordon and the other XanGo founders to forming this record- Prior to joining the founding team of XanGo, Wood gained incredi- setting company. A man of passion and dedication, Joe is a committed ble experience and seasoning serving as global controller for a $500 mil- husband and father who handles the business at home and abroad, fre- lion company, and prior to that, controller for a global $1 billion com- quently traveling to be with XanGo distributors. Somehow, he has found pany. Before getting involved in network marketing he was involved the time to compete in seven Iron Man Triathlons.with a large CPA firm that audited many of the top network marketing Gordon Morton, Jr., XanGo founder and boardcompanies in Utah. Wood runs a tight ship, but still takes times (as do member, is the marketing genius behind XanGos all of the founders) to travel the world to meet the distributors at every incredible brand and even its name. It was Gordonopportunity and participate in company charitable missions. who first coined the brand name XanGo, and his Bryan Davis, a lawyer by trade, is also a founder past experience as a top distributor for another net- and board member. Although trained in the law, work marketing company is what led him to createDavis is also a skilled diplomat and ambassador for y the Cadillac of all compensation plans. Gordon is XanGo, having served in similar capacities for orga- a brilliant communicator and brings an incredible nizations such as the U.S. government. A board energy to the team. He is also a visionary who is member of the Utah World Trade Center, DavisGordon Morton responsible for XanGos charitable commitments to leverages his various contacts to position XanGo children and families around the world, known aspositively with government leaders of this country op XanGo Goodness. In fact, Gordon championed his partners to beginand many locations around the world. A regular host donating to charity before the company turned its first profit, and evenBryan Davis of foreign emissaries, chief justices and even kings introduced the XanGo Goodness Meal Pack, a commissionable product and queens, Davis helps spread understanding and that is a meal replacement program for the severely malnourished. Hes goodwill about XanGo, helping open the door for the companys dis- also the one who led XanGo to its pioneer status as the first company to tributors to expand their business into new markets around the world. As sponsor a jersey in North American professional sports, through itsthe companys original chief legal counsel, Davis was involved in early ongoing partnership with Major League Soccers Real Salt Lake. legal decisions and then later recruiting the companys legal staff that Aaron Garrity, XanGo board chairman andexists today. founder, can only be described as a mega-over- No company is any better than the founders of that company. Each achiever, not unlike his partners. A 2006 co-recipienttcexecutive on the XanGo team has the experience and the knowledge to of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Yearrun a multi-hundred-million-dollar corporation on their own. But with Award and Utah Business Magazines 2008 CEO of their combined effort, this six-man dream team is unstoppable and their the Year, Garrity is a master business person, whose potential is limitless. attention to detail has helped lead XanGo to unpar- alleled success for a company only seven years old Second chance to join billion-dollar growth wave in this industry. Garritys intellect and drive for suc- Aaron GarrityXanGo, which has already achieved more than $1 billion in accumu- cess are exemplified by his holding a law degree andlative sales primarily through the sales of its flagship product, XanGo a masters degree in business, which he earnedJuice, expects Formula X51 to become its second billion-dollar brand. simultaneously while working as an executive for another industry giant.Designed to be the perfect complement to XanGo Juice, Formula X51 An expert marketer and a branding genius, his past successes includedwill likely drive XanGos growth to even newer heights. Armed with ano products that generated hundreds of millions of revenue for other com-product that brings results and addresses a top-of-mind health concern panies. All of that is dwarfed by what Garrity and his partners have beenin this country, X51 is poised to be the next billion-dollar product and able to achieve at XanGo.create a new wave of XanGo millionaires. Gary Hollister is chairman emeritus and founder.Now is the time to join this ground floor opportunity and experience Hollister brings a long track record of success inXanGo and life the way it should be. This may be your second chance every business he has touched over the last 40 years.to join the ranks of XanGo millionaires on its new growth wave. Both within the network marketing industry and the personal care world, Hollister has guided major companies to growth and prosperity. He previously served as the CEO for Merle Norman cosmetics where he helped the company grow from tens of millions to hundreds of millions in sales in just a few Gary Hollister Last fall a cloud descended on my brain. I short years. He also was president and CEO of ahad no recall for anything I read or plans do large network marketing company. Hollisters vision and business acumen has served as the perfect recipe for XanGos suc-for the day. There were notes everywhere cess, lending strategic agility and credibility wherever he goes. Today, on my desk and planner so I would not for- Hollister continues in a board advisory role and also travels amongget what I was to do next. My salvation XanGo distributors to help them grow their organizations. He has servedcame during my fourth week on X51. The as the former chairman of the board of directors for the Direct Sellingfog had lifted. My mental clarity was astounding. Plus the fan- Association (DSA). tastic physical energy all day long is amazing! Kent Wood, founder and board member at Karen Huss, Denver CO XanGo, a financial genius and a licensed CPA, it was Wood who was responsible for XanGo payingAs X51 began to balance my body, I walk more and longer. I off its investors two and one-half years ahead of schedule and embarking upon a path of financialam retired but now have energy for home repairs and long strength that continues today. In fact, Wood was trips with Karen. I have even been told by others that this opin- responsible for building and recruiting the financialionated, critical person is much more pleasant to be around. and operations personnel and infrastructure that Pete Huss, Denver CO Kent Wood NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses 7 8. donotc op y