3 steps to prepare your practice for icd 10 (infographic)

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  1. 1. Should a Practice Outsourceto Prepare forView Infographic
  2. 2. Should a Practice Outsource Billingto Prepare for'" ICD-10 changes EVERYTHING CLAIM ERRORS R DAYS RISE PHYWANS,witt INCREASE Agiiiii IN CLMM DENIM DOCUMENTATION iiisi:By RATES CONCERNS_ _ Readiness of billing Readiness of your EHR PhY5'C'a Ce""-5 department post ICD-10 vendor Q $5 lfyour denials > 4% .your ._ ,3, Providing medical necessity performance is poor E Uiigrade arid training COSTS t'""" % Can you afford $40,000 per coder?~ System's readiness Workow changes % Do you have time for training billers?for lCD- I0 | CD~ ' ' - % 10 t"a''3 -E5: Are your A/ R taking longer than the Q:impiementaon industry? ICD-10 Workow EffectsPhysicians I,Fact:A practice will require at least 15 months on average to easily manage the lCD- 10 transitionStep 2: The alternativeIf your practice is not prepared for ICD-10Outsource now! Fact Benets of outsourcing Outsourcing billing increases revenue by 6% er,you can focus on patient care Nearly 90% of small practices with in-house its Trained ICD-10 C0dFS billers are planning to outsource most of g Less expensivetheir billing for ICD-10 Ea Transparency: -: Enhanced consistencyStep 3: Choosing the right billing vendorChecklistigi Enter performance clause in the contractsf Vendor must compensate for low performance igi Ask for periodical reportssf Ensure the vendor is HIPAA compliant CureMD Value Proposition Need Help?__4 E Request a demo to see how CureMD can facilitate your practice for ICD-10--a, i,. E'. '.r. '. ; . 3 Get in touch with our ICD~10 experts at.2(212) 852 0279 ext 384 Cloud-based ICD-10 Corlgl-t1a%0n Top notch biiiing For further inquiries regarding ICD-10, send ready software team service us an email at healthit@curemd. comReferences- BrownWilsons Black Book Rankings Survey,2014- ICD-10 Connect,Issue #21, American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC),2012- Legislative and Executive Advocacy Response Network,ICD-10 Implementation Study,Medical Group ManagementAssociation (MGMA), June 2013 - Performance and Practices of Successful Medical Groups,2011 Report Based on 2010 Data,Medical Group Management Association (MGMA),2011 - Readying Your Denials Management Strategy for ICD-10, Healthcare Financial Management Association,2013curemd. com Curel/ lD'Practice without boundaries