Don’t tell me Social Workers don’t care!

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Dont tell me Social Workers dont care! A care leavers view.

I was taken into care aged 9, and felt scared knowing that I was leaving my parents and the life id known. A complex relationship exists between parent and child when that child has been abused and neglected, and confusion and anxiety filled my body.

However I had requested to be taken into care, and feel blessed that I was rescued, when some sadly arent.

I remember my social workers, residential, fostering and area, fondly. They gave me the ability to feel loved, special and worthy of success.

The public, and at time social workers themselves, forget that its completely natural to resent your primary carer through teenage years. Its completely natural to hate everyone around you as a teenager, I learnt this through my 2, but it doesnt take away the spirit of care, guidance and acts of love that you give, and that will be remembered once adulthood has taken place.

I felt a deep loss when leaving care, knowing that my life of being cared for and about was about to end. My social workers had been my significant adults since I was a child, and my heart was broken through the bereavement process I had to endure as a result.

My social workers did not give up on me, although I pushed the boundaries, and felt unlovable. They would search for me when I was missing. They would give me a cuddle when I was sad, or in need of praise. They instilled principles and morals into my spirit, which I live by today. They believed in me, when I was unable to.

They taught me about humanity, kindness, generosity and gave me a place to belong.

It saddens me that all too often I hear social workers speak of not being able to show affection to children in care, and to not even consider the word love. I say to them why not. Its a risk averse job now, and my managers wont allow it. How sad.

Where would I be today had I not been shown love and affection from my social workers? Would I have been able to love and care for my children had I not experienced that? I think not.

I truly believe that social workers are angels, who need to be recognized for the courageous, compassionate and caring people that they are. I love and loved my social workers and no-one will take that away from me.


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