ECO10 - Digital innovation to disrupt patient flow

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RLBUHTDisruputing not disruptionDavid Walliker - CIO

All Technology that exists when you are born is normal

Network and CommunicationsStorage and ComputeProcesses

GDE Vision.To use digital to transform how we deliver, improve and experience health and social care for our patients, staff and caregivers and that we act as exemplar and implementation partner to other NHS organisations..

Liverpool and Digital

Disrupting solutions

Cash Releasing BenefitsReduced LOSReduced MortalityIncreased SafetyReduced TestsImproved patient flowImproved patient outcomesImproved continuity of careImproved Audit and safeguardsIncreased research potentialEnables system re-configurationImproved ExperienceClinically led Benefits

Disruption on the road

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