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1. Towards faster and more accurate diagnostics Kalle Levon FiDiPro Professor and CEO of Anzenna Inc. (Finland/USA) 2. Towards faster and more accurate diagnostics Kalle Levon, CEO Anzenna Inc 3. Inhibition of cancer 4. CMOS transistor technology Large manufacturing expertise Transistor density maximized for massive data acquisition Economical, stable and easy to use Decrease of the size Increase of the FET density Decrease of the cost 5. 64 (8x8) FETs FGFET ARRAY OPERATION CMOS chip Transistor operation: Control gate modulates the surface charge inducing field effect over the insulator Transistor 6. FGFET ARRAY OPERATION Selectivity Sensitivity Decision Field effect influenced on a floating gate: Capacity coupling of the surface charge at the insulator and the floating gate S Si D CG 7. Life Science Innovation: Multiple Pathway Analysis Genome Sequencing: Inherited Probabilities Dynamic Sequencing: Epigenetic Progress Communication Challenge: Fetal/Neonatal Diagnostics Continuous Monitoring of Therapeutics Massive Data Acquisition 8. Anzenna Inc (anzen safe)