Healthy food and junk food

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It is a job that comes to healthy foods that make good health and do not do well with their illnesses.

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2. A healthy food is one that lacks an ingredient that cangenerate some degenerative disease when consumption isrepeated.Also, are those whose composition equal to or by theparticular manufacturing process, are distinguished fromordinary consumer goods. They are suitable for theirclaimed nutritional purposes stated. 3. Junk food contains, in general, high levels of fat, salt,spices or sugars (which stimulate the appetite and thirst,which has great commercial interest for establishments thatprovide that kind of food) and numerous food additives.The fast food restaurants certainly provide such meals, butalso supermarket chains also offer to the market this junkfood. 4. Dyslipidemia Sleep Apnea Blounts Disease Arthritis Respiratory Problems Stroke Liver Damage Diabetes