How Mobile Device are Changing Healthcare

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<ol><li> 1. Babylon Health : Pocket Doctor on the App Store Designed by : Rapidsoft technologies | </li><li> 2. A Subscription based Healthcare app which lets you have Doctor response For your question in minutes via a smart phone app. Designed by : Rapidsoft technologies | </li><li> 3. Ali Parsa started Babylon Health App while running the UK's first private hospital in the public National Health Service . According to him "If you had something wrong and wanted to see a doctor you used to take half a day off and go to the surgery. Designed by : Rapidsoft technologies | </li><li> 4. Take a monthly subscription of 4.99 ($7.55/7.99) and you will get unlimited medical consultations by text and video or you can take a private medical insurance policy. Once you had an online exchange, a doctor will send you a subscription to your nearest pharmacy and will arrange for a referral consultation. Designed by : Rapidsoft technologies | </li><li> 5. For Children Fever SoreThroat Diarrhea/Vomiting Cold/Cough Influenza Rash Insect Bites Nosebleed Sight, Speech, Hearing disabilities Ingestion of poisonous substances i.e. poisonous ivy Learning and emotional problems For Adults Repeat Prescriptions Chest or Upper Respiratory Infection UrinaryTract Infection Fungal infections Allergies Travel Medicine Nausea Sports Injuries Back Pain Digestive Disorders Dry Skin Eczema Thyroid Disorders Diabetes Depression Designed by : Rapidsoft technologies | </li><li> 6. In Babylon records of all patient consultations are stored so that GPs can look over the previous history before speaking to the patient. Patients also can see their previous notes or videos. Both Doctor and Patient have access to the medical record. But if patient want to see a doctor that have already seen then this process might take some time. Designed by : Rapidsoft technologies | </li><li> 7. Babylon Health is being used in the United Kingdom and Ireland by 250,000 people already using either as direct subscribers or through a private medical insurance policy. But Babylon is deliberately looking beyond the UK and Ireland and plans to launch in East Africa in 2016. Designed by : Rapidsoft technologies | </li><li> 8. According to survey, 50 % of the entire world population doesnt basic healthcare facility but they all carry a device where basic information can be delivered wherever they need it. Babylon health is making use of mobile devices and mobile technology to serve healthcare facility to people without making much investment. Designed by : Rapidsoft technologies | </li><li> 9. RapidsoftTechnologies USA Address: 3705, 74th Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 Phone: +1 516 515 9871 Website : </li></ol>