How to get tanned fast

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You want to get tanned fast, then we have a best tanning option for you this is the safe and natural method of tanning, you will not face any side effect and any skin issue to use this.


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How to Get Tanned FastWhether your worried about baring your legs after a long winter, need to firm up those bingo wings, are concerned that sweating will get in the way or want a post-holiday glow without jetting off abroad, we've got everything you need to get the perfect beach body.

Your Best Beach Body EverGet a Best Tanning Solution

Position Yourself in Direct SunlightAs the sun moves across the sky, move your towel or lounge chair so that you can always be in direct sunlight. If you don't want to lay around all day, you can also do something active outside, just wear as little clothing as possible to allow the sun to hit your skin.

Lay Out in the Middle of the Day Between 10am and 4pm

Use a Towel to Focus the Sun

This technique is a blast from the past, but it will actually magnify and focus the sun on your skin. There are several reflective products on the market that can help attract the sun to your body. Lay-out on a reflective towel or purchase a reflective sun screen.Lay on a floatation device in the water

Reapply lotion two hours or after contact with water

Make sure that you are always covered with some sort of low SPF oil or lotion. Even water-resistant products should be reapplied just to be careful. Understand How Self Tanners Work

Choose a Product

Apply Everyday Until you Reach the Desired Skin Color

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