How to Perform CPR

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  1. 1. How to perform C.P.R (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  2. 2. Breathing Listen carefully for normal breathing. Look for the movement of chest. If you dont feel any of those then move to the next step. Pinch the victims nose and close seal the mouth of victims with yours and blow strongly for 1 second. Look for the chest and if the chest rises then you are doing it correctly and if not you are doing it wrongly. Repeat this and give another artificial breathe.
  3. 3. Performing CPR If the victim doesnt show any kind of life then, you can perform CPR on the victim. CPR : 30 Compression and 2 breaths, 100 Compression per minute. Midline over the lower half of the sternum is the recommended point for compression.
  4. 4. CPR on Infants Try shout and tap gently on childs shoulder. If no response then perform CPR. Give 30 chest compression gently with two or three fingers on below the nipple line at the rate of 100 per minute. Press down approximately 1 and half inches deep. Give 2 gentle breath using your mouth by covering up victims mouth and nose.
  5. 5. Diagram Of Heart
  6. 6. Cardiac Care Cardiac diseases and related problems are rocketing up nowadays. This is mainly because of the changes in lifestyle. The fast life of todays make us tomorrows diseased one. Finding time to do physical activities to pump more blood to heart is the important thing that people forgets in this fast moving world. Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure
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