Important Tricks to Help Your Kids to Keep Physically and Mentally Active

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  • Important Tricks to Help Your Kids to Keep Physically and

    Mentally Active!

  • Physical Activity for Kids

    Regular physical activity is good for kids health

    Exercise Activity for Children is imperative for building physical mental and social skill necessary for dealing with everyday situation.

    Physical activity plays an important role in helping children and young people to be fit and healthy.

    Physical activities helps children maintain a healthy weight, builds grow strong bones, and instills confidence and self esteem. Best of all exercise activities can be designed to be fun and enjoyable.

  • Physical Activity for Kids

    Parents can help by encouraging their children to find activities that they enjoy doing, are fun and easy to implement. A lot of kids love playing in a playground or running around a park.

  • Tips to Encourage children for Active

    Most of kids spend their time playing and watching TV, videogames and mobile. But children need atlist 30 minutes of Physical Exercise Activities each and every day to stay healthy.

    With homework, school, and extracurricular activities, children schedules can be busy, so try and incorporate activities that can fit in with their schedule.

  • Tips to Encourage children for Active

    Parents should spend time walking and cycling with the children as often as possible.

    Parent can support your child in clubs, sports, or any other exercising activities that they like. club sports participation is a great ways for children to build social networks, have fun and build self esteem and confidence.

  • Benefits of Physical Activity

    1. Improve the health of muscles heart and bones.

    2. Build self confident.

    3. Improve fine and gross motor skills.

    4. learn how to interact with other. 5. Improve communication and problem solving


    6. learn how to make decision

  • Fun Activities for Kids to Enjoy Outdoors

    Finding ways to keep your children active is becoming more and more difficult especially when parents are competing with advances in interactive games and technology.

    The key for you as a parent is to organise an activity that stimulates your child physically and mentally.

  • Fun Activities for Kids to Enjoy Outdoors

    Following activity allows you to be creative and use your imagination

    1. Have Some Exercise

    2. Go Treasure Hunting

    3. Obstacle Race

    4. Fun Ride

    5. Fly A Kite

  • How Does Yoga Affect Children's

    The integration of yoga into childrens physical education programs and exercise routines is becoming more popular.

    Yoga is a sophisticated system for achieving physical health, mental acuity and peace of mind.

  • How Does Yoga Affect Children's

    Yoga teaches and develops a childs strength, flexibility and balance and its primary premise is to align, stretch and strengthen a persons posture.

  • Benefits of Yoga

    Physical Benefits:

    Yoga is a physical discipline that strengthens, stretches and aligns the body.

    Developing long lean muscles, better posture, improved breathing, enhanced digestion, better circulation and a relaxed nervous system

  • Benefits of Yoga

    Emotional and Mental Benefits:

    Yoga is one type of physical activity that allows children the time to relax and learn self -control in a controlled environment.

    Some Activities for kids that you could organise quickly and promotes self-discipline and inner strength, which improves a childs mental outlook, creative potential and self-expression.

  • Benefits of Yoga


    An important part of yoga training is breathing. Breathing is part of what separates yoga from other forms of exercise.

    children that are restless, irritable or rowdy can be calmed down with breathing exercises

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