Long term benefits of breastfeeding

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<ul><li><p>Long Term Benefits of Breastfeeding </p><p> - See more at: http://www.customwritingservice.org/blog/long-term-benefits-of-breastfeeding/ </p><p>In recent past, cases of mothers who do not breastfeed their babies have been in the rise. This </p><p>increase, in most cases is related to lack of adequate information among the women (Jarvis, </p><p>2011). For instance, it is arguable that only a few women are fully aware of the long and short </p><p>term benefits of breastfeeding. This essay therefore provides such scenarios and how I was able </p><p>to advise the mother. </p><p>Based on existing facts, it is not proper for a mother not to breastfeed her baby because it has </p><p>numerous benefits. For example, breast milk helps in development of the babys brain during </p><p>infancy. It contributes towards the development of the brain since it has lactose and fatty acids. </p><p>Apart from development of the babys brain, breast milk is essential as well since it has high </p><p>nutritional value which helps the baby grow healthy. Additionally, it is also vital as it aids boost </p><p>the immune system of the infant. (Dalzell &amp; Rogerson, 2010). The babys immune system is </p><p>boosted by breast milk as it contains vitamins C and A. Further, breast milk also helps boost the </p><p>immunity of the baby since it contains Probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids. </p>http://www.customwritingservice.org/blog/long-term-benefits-of-breastfeeding/</li><li><p>In the later life of a child, breastfeeding also has numerous advantages. Some of these include </p><p>reduction of obesity cases since it helps babies gain weight at a rare that is slow compared to </p><p>those consuming formula foods (Koletzko &amp; Hernell, 2000). Additionally, breastfeeding is </p><p>beneficial since it helps the child have an IQ that is higher in future. Nutrients found in breast </p><p>milk that boost the IQ include Taurine and essential fats such as DHA and ARA. Additionally, </p><p>breastfeeding is also essential as it helps reduce possibilities of allergies in the later life of the </p><p>child. Also, breastfeeding is important to the mother since it helps reduce chances of ovarian and </p><p>breast cancer. </p><p>However, for purposes of encouraging the mother to breastfeed the child, I will share with her </p><p>the information through interpersonal communication in a private and special session. On the </p><p>other hand, mothers seeking more information on breastfeeding can access information from the </p><p>following community centers. These resources are UCSF clinic, Day One Centers, Natural </p><p>Resources, horizon breastfeeding center and Womens health resource center based in Peninsula </p><p>(Jarvis, 2011). </p><p>References </p><p>Dalzell, J., &amp; Rogerson, E. (2010). Breastfeeding: Contemporary Issues in Practice and Policy. </p><p>London: Radcliffe Publishing. </p><p>Jarvis, C. (2011). Physical Examination &amp; Health Assessment. Saunders: St. Louis, MO. </p><p>Koletzko, B., &amp; Hernell, O. (2000). Short and Long Term Effects of Breast Feeding on Child </p><p>Health. London: Springer. </p><p>Would you like to write a research paper like the one above but finding it challenging? We can </p><p>help you in writing one. Get in touch with us by clicking here or continue reading more research </p><p>papers under different topics in this blog. </p><p>- See more at: http://www.customwritingservice.org/blog/long-term-benefits-of-breastfeeding/ </p>http://www.customwritingservice.org/http://www.customwritingservice.org/blog/long-term-benefits-of-breastfeeding/</li></ul>


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